John Cena recently returned to the WWE, rekindling an old rivalry with the “Bulgarian Brute” Rusev. The former WWE champion has gotten his share of criticism, including being branded a part-timer.

For those unaware, Cena is technically a free-agent right now. This means he can appear on both shows, hinting that he would be cast when the ratings turn sour. However, the Cenation leader explained the reason behind it all – something that included his movie deal commitments and endorsements.

Cena affected by part-time tag

Cena has been used to being booed, but somehow the part-timer chants have been heard.

It seems Cena has been slightly bothered by it though he understands where the WWE fans are coming from.

Apparently, most are glued into WWE programming, dialed in on developments. Inserting Cena at certain points throws the storylines off, not to mention seeing him only certain spells.

While fans are unlikely to broaden their understanding, he explains the arrangement he has with the movie people. He calls it the deal-breaker which is non-negotiable.

Cena has been appearing in movies and doing endorsements, the latest one of which is with Tapout Body Spray. Having built his stock, the 40-year-old is apparently besieged with similar deals which eat up his time.

Preparing for the future

Like other WWE stars before him, Cena is aware that he cannot be around the WWE forever.

He points out his age (40) for one, meaning he will eventually be among the wrestlers calling it quits.

Though some have defied age, the fact that Cena has his hands full fulfilling other obligations may ultimately lead to him seen less in WWE shows. Most saw the shift to the young stars of today – a possible sign that stars like Cena would be considered on an “as needed” basis.

Aware of the limited time he has, Cena will try to maximize what he can for the WWE. The effort may hardly sit well with WWE fans but the former champion does now all will eventually come to an end.

Cena will rely on the creative team to help him out. His current feud with Rusev leaves a lot to be desired, seeing how this was done already before.

It could be a scene to help Rusev get back on his feet – seeing Cena has more than proven his stock. It is seen nothing more than a familiar script branded as the United States vs. The World. It will end at some point though Cena has options.

Being a free agent, he can appear on Raw as well. Once this Rusev storyline wraps up, don’t be surprised to see him take on some red brand wrestler. The question though is who.