Sunday night's WWE "Battleground" 2017 main event featured the structure known as the Punjabi Prison. While it was supposed to feature just Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal for the WWE World Championship, that's not how things played out. The structure featured an inner and outer cage that the competitors needed to escape from. Unfortunately for "The Viper" the odds were against him due to the numbers game. Here are the latest WWE "Battleground" results for the Punjabi Prison Match.

Match recap

In the early stages of the match, both Orton and Jinder traded shots with one another.

Each also had opportunities to get out of the first cage through one of the four doors, before they would lock shut for good. When it came to the final door, Jinder had help. The Singh Brothers appeared from underneath the ring and helped pull Jinder through the open door. Orton couldn't quite make it in time and ended up locked inside the inner cage.

From there, Jinder made the climb up the second wall, but Orton was able to get himself up the inner cage wall and then jump over to the outer wall. From there, he battled with Jinder, eventually causing the champ to fall to the ground. Still, The Singh Brothers continued to interfere, holding Orton's legs to pull him off the cage wall.

Orton would get the upper hand using a Kendo Stick, and took down both Singh Brothers.

At one point, he even knocked a Singh Brother off the outer cage wall 15 feet down to the announcers' table, causing a crash. Later, Orton looked to be in control of the win and climbed up the wall for an escape.

However, he was soon surprised when Jinder Mahal's theme music started up again. As Orton looked up the ramp, he saw none other than The Great Khali emerge from backstage and head to the ring.

Khali shook the cage wall, causing Orton to climb back down inside. Once "The Viper" was within arm's reach, Khali reached through and began to choke him out. That allowed the "Modern Day Maharaja" a chance to escape and win the WWE "Battleground" 2017 match.

What's next?

Will this lead to another championship rematch opportunity for Randy Orton?

It would seem by now that the feud between he and Jinder Mahal is over, but one never knows with the WWE. There's also the matter of Great Khali's return to disrupt Orton in the Punjabi Prison and cost him the win.

Most fans will probably groan at the idea of Orton participating in a feud with Khali, so that may be on hold. There's been talk of Orton going off to film a new movie so that may be a reason fans don't see him on the "SmackDown Live" show for a bit. That said, it will be interesting to see who is the next top contender to try winning the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal.

WWE fans who do you think will be the next in line to get a shot at Jinder Mahal's WWE World Championship?