When Clinton Portis retired from the NFL, he was one of the best running backs in Washington Redskins history. He was also wealthy, making $43.1 million over his career. In 2015, Portis filed for bankruptcy after former financial adviser Jeff Rubin and his associates allegedly cost Portis his entire fortune, including $3.1 million in withdrawals without Clinton's knowledge.

In an interview with sports illustrated, Clinton Portis said that he drove to a building four years ago with a gun and planned to kill one of the financial managers. Luckily for Portis, a friend talked him out of it and Clinton was able to go on with his life, albeit broke and still angry at what happened.

The loss of Clinton Portis' fortune

Clinton Portis did not actually say which financial manager he was planning to kill that night, just that he was looking for one of the men who mishandled his fortune. Clinton said that, if his friend, who remains unnamed, had not stopped him, that the interview with Sports Illustrated would be taking place from prison.

According to Clinton Portis, part of the losses came due to an investment in an Alabama casino that cost him $1 million. Clinton also said that Rubin's company opened an account in his name with a forged signature and then allegedly withdrew the $3.1 million without permission. Finally, there was a Ponzi scheme that former manager Jinesh Brahmbhatt talked him into.

No jail time for the financial advisors

Despite the money that they stole from Clinton Portis with the forged signature, the former Washington Redskins running back said that no one served any jail time after the incident. The men were found liable and all of them lost the rights to work in the financial sector again but they did not face any criminal charges over the matter.

Clinton Portis had to file bankruptcy in 2015 and one of his debts was $500,000 owed to his own mother. According to Portis, his financial advisor took out a loan against the home without his permission.

However, just because Portis was cheated out of all his money by financial advisors, there are some people who say that he is also to blame for being broke now.

Former Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss said that Clinton was on a different level, spending a lot of money on houses, cars, and women.

Right now, the reports indicate that Clinton Portis lives in a two bedroom apartment in Virginia and works small jobs, including a television broadcasting job for the Washington Redskins preseason games.