When talking about bulletin board material in the NFL, it means a player or coach has said something demeaning about an opponent that the team uses it to pump themselves up before playing each other. The Washington Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants twice each in the 2017 NFL season and cornerback Josh Norman just created some bulletin board material for both teams by insulting two of their best players -- and two players Norman will have to defend in 2017.

Josh Norman on Odell Beckham Jr.

Josh Norman has never shied away from insulting wide receivers that he is tasked with defending in the NFL.

His two targets in a recent interview with Bleacher Report indicates that he isn't finished talking trash about the opposition both on and off the field. This time it surrounded Dallas Cowboys top wide receiver Dez Bryant and New York Giants brash and outspoken superstar odell beckham jr.

When it comes to Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman, the two already have a long and ugly history. When Norman played for the Carolina Panthers, he talked so much trash about Beckham that the two got into numerous fights on the field when he played the New York Giants. Odell was hit with three personal foul penalties in the game and was suspended for a game due to it. Norman was given two fines for his role in the game.

Josh Norman said that Odell Beckham Jr. tries to be a tough guy but said it is just a persona. Norman said there is too much hype surrounding Beckham so he has to act tougher than he really is. Josh said that Beckham is just a "big kid" who acts out in games.

When it comes to Odell Beckham Jr. acting out, Josh Norman said that he will just come back at him and then Beckham becomes a "sissy." While Beckham himself said that the feud has ended, it sounds like Norman wants it to continue on for another season at least.

Dez Bryant isn't all that special, according to Josh Norman

When it comes to Dez Bryant, the comments weren't about his attitude but about his gameplay. Josh Norman did echo the same comments he made about Odell Beckham Jr. and said that Bryant isn't that tough, but he said it was more about Dez on the field, saying he is "just a guy" on another team.

Josh Norman was talking about players standing out and being special and he said that Dez Bryant is not one of those players. Norman said that Dez doesn't wow anyone. Norman said that Dez will try to bully players but he can't do that to him because you can't bully a bully. Josh said there is nothing about Bryant's game that really resonates with him.