The Washington Redskins are entering the 2017 NFL season with some serious problems when it comes to team cohesion. They have already tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins with the franchise tag for the second year in a row and he has made it clear he is just counting down the time until he plays for a team that actually wants him. Now, running back Matt Jones has not shown up for OTAs and reports are that he won't show up and wants the Redskins to release him or trade him to another team for the upcoming season. According to team sources, the Redskins have no plans to release Jones at this time so the two sides are at a standstill.

The fall of Matt Jones

Before the 2016 NFL season, the Washington Redskins let their longtime star running back Alfred Morris leave the team because Matt Jones had proven he was the running back that gave them the best chance to win. Jones worked in the offseason last year alter his running style and secure the ball to prevent turnovers.

After seven games, Matt Jones had only run for 460 yards and then fell to a knee injury. The fact that he only averaged 65 yards a game made it easy for the Washington Redskins to look for improvement while he was out injured. Rob Kelly, an undrafted free agent, won the starting job and the Redskins kept Jones inactive for the last nine games of the season.

The 2017 Redskins running backs

Matt Jones has refused to come to OTAs and it is clear the Washington Redskins have no plans to use him in 2017. For one thing, Rob Kelly won the starting job in 2016 and held it through nine games, running for 704 yards and six touchdowns. Head coach Jay Gruden said he has not written off Jones but he isn't in the teams plans right now.

The Washington Redskins made their intentions very clear in the 2017 NFL Draft. While Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon got all the press due to off-the-field issues, Samaje Perine was just as important to the Sooners' offense and the Redskins took him in the fourth round. There is all the chance in the world that Perine has a chance to win the starting job in Washington.

Chris Thompson is the third down back and if the Washington Redskins wanted a fourth back that would probably be Mack Brown because of special teams. There is no place for Matt Jones on the team but the Redskins refuse to part with him right now.

There is little chance that any NFL team tries to trade for Matt Jones since they know the Washington Redskins have no intention of using him in 2017. However, Jones only counts $788,854 against their salary cap so they can afford to hold on him as insurance against injury.