The first day of NBA free agency started with a bang. The Warriors retained a member of their dynasty, the Pelicans kept a potential All-Star guard, and the Thunder made a shocking trade. However, some moves in the early morning of the day were not the best deals. What are the grades for the first set of moves by teams?

Warriors sign Curry to historic $201 million: A

The Warriors made sure that their two time MVP stayed with the team. The team knows that Kevin Durant is looking to sign for less money, so that allowed the Warriors to sign Curry to a deal that ranks as the richest in NBA history.

There was no worry that Curry was ever going to leave Golden State, but the question was how much he was going to be signed. The deal means that the Warriors may not be able to sign other key components of their dynasty, but it means that Curry will be with the team until he is at least 34-years old.

Thunder trade for Paul George: B

The Thunder traded Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to the Pacers for George. It's a high risk, high reward scenario for the Thunder. MVP Russell Westbrook will receive a superstar, and they shed Oladipo's contract, which surpassed $80 million. George has never committed to staying with the Thunder, and it would have never come up because the Thunder made this trade by sneaking it through.

This is a risk that the Thunder had to take because Westbrook will be a free agent after this season. Plus, they gave up no draft picks.

Pacers trade George: D

The Pacers could have received so much more. The Lakers had an offer in place that would have sent Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, and the No. 27 and No. 28 pick in the draft for George.

Instead, they absorb a huge contract, and received half the package. The Pacers showed what happens when you wait too long for the right deal.

Holiday signs with Pelicans: B+

This is a great move for the Pelicans. Holiday is 27-years old, and can play close to All-Star potential when healthy. The problem is that he has struggled with injuries.

However, New Orleans needed a point guard to lead their front court of DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis. The Pelicans signed Holiday for five years and $126 million.

Clippers sign Blake Griffin: C

This move maintains the Clippers relevancy in the NBA. Signing Blake Griffin to a five year, $173 million deal doesn't make the Clippers closer to ever getting out of the second round of the playoffs, or even a title in the league.