John Wall just signed a four year, $170 dollar extension with the Washington Wizards that will begin in 2019-20 and includes a player option for 2023-24. The Wizards jumped at the chance to offer Wall this huge deal as they believe this provides the team with 'long-term stability.' A supermax extension is something that wasn't seen too much in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's or even 2000's, but in just the last few weeks both James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors have signed them. This is due to the new CBA and the league and teams becoming more and more wealthy.

Washington Wizards' owner Ted Leonsis, claims that this move will make them a huge contender for the NBA title over the next few years, saying, "This signing means stability for the Wizards for years to come and solidifies our commitment to drafting and then developing talent here at home.... John's unique blend of skill and leadership that makes us a championship-caliber team."

LeBron James shares his thoughts

LeBron James has always held a close friendship and bond with the all-star point guard, he has always been supportive of John Wall, and this is just another example of it. King James took to his Twitter account to spread the congratulatory message to the Wizards' superstar guard.

Both LeBron and John share the same agent, Rich Paul.

He is a longtime friend of LeBron James, and anyone else that shares the same agent as the King is usually very close friends with James also. The Klutch Sports Group, which was founded by Rich Paul, has been very successful, and a lot of that success is thanks to LeBron James and superstars like John Wall.

Wall is happy about his situation

John Wall spoke about the reason for signing the contract and his hopes for the future, speaking highly of the organization. John also spoke about his excitement for the next few seasons in which he will be the franchise player and the cornerstone for the team. He is excited to bring more entertainment to the city of Washington and their huge fan base.

Wall strives to be the best he can for this team over the coming seasons.

John Wall has had a reasonably successful career to date as a member of the team that drafted him. He has been on multiple all star teams and had many huge perfomances. But now he is looking to go even further, and compete for a championship, as he talked about how much he means to this team and his position of leading the franchise for the next few years.