As training camp in Buffalo begins, all eyes are on Sammy Watkins. The Bills receiver, who was drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, has not yet lived up to expectations. In the second half of 2015, we got a brief glimpse of what Watkins was capable of when he caught several deep passes and finished the season with more than 1000 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. In 2017, Watkins will have to match that performance if he expects to get paid.

Contract Year for Watkins.

The Bills declined Watkins' fifth year option, which makes him a free agent after this season.

He will have to play well in 2017 if he expects to get a solid contract. If he does get injured again, it's unlikely that any NFL team will be ready to pay him too much in guaranteed money. That makes the 2017 season even more important for the injury prone wide receiver.

Thankfully, Watkins starts this year "fully healthy," according to several news outlets, a great sign both for Bills fans and Sammy Watkins. Despite his improved health, Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott has decided to keep Sammy Watkins on a "rep count" to limit the likelihood of an injury to the star wide receiver. Sammy Watkins himself is tired of hearing about the foot, and claims that he is fully healed and ready to go.

Still, Sean McDermott has smartly decided that you can never be too careful.

Watkins' Future in Buffalo.

Sammy himself said the following about his time in Buffalo:

"I love Buffalo. They drafted me first round, 4th pick. My job is to stay here for a while. You don't want to change teams."

The fact that Sammy wants to stay in Buffalo is a great sign for Bills fans, who have seen far too many players, like Marshawn Lynch, end up leaving or demanding a trade because they aren't interested in playing in Buffalo.

Even Jim Kelly, one of the best Bills players of all time, wasn't interested in playing for the Bills after he was drafted. For the Bills, the situation with Watkins could easily become complicated depending upon how 2017 goes.

Catch 22 for the Bills.

Bills fans would of course love to see Watkins go into full beast mode next season.

It would help the offense tremendously and give Tyrod Taylor a strong option to throw to, and would create a formidable passing game in addition to the league's best rushing attack. But if Watkins does have a big year, the Bills would have to shell out big money to a player who has only proved he can be highly productive in two of his four years with the team. That's the risk, and it would certainly be a tough decision if it happened.

On the other hand, if Watkins gets hurt again, the Bills could probably sign Sammy to a cheap deal. Other NFL teams won't be interested in taking on a player like Sammy, who seems to be constantly hurt, for a big contract. But if this does happen, the Bills will once again have a big gap in their passing game and will likely struggle through the air.

For now, all Bills fans can do is wait and see what Watkins has in store for them this season.