Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes got married this weekend and a list full of NBA stars were in attendance, including Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving. Curry's Warriors, has defeated Irving's Cavs in two of the last three NBA Finals. However, the two guards appear to be cool with each other off the court as they were seen sharing a laugh together at the wedding in a live stream video.

In the video, Steph Curry is shown mocking Kyrie's teammate LeBron James by imitating a recent workout clip he posted via social media. Irving was standing next to Curry and appeared very amused along with the rest of the crowd surrounding them.

Since the video has surfaced, the media has questioned whether or not Irving's actions were justified.

Last week, Kyrie Irving requested a trade from the Cavaliers and his relationship with LeBron has been strained since. Irving may have just added more insult to injury by chipping in on the joke against James alongside one of his rivals.

Ongoing feud between Irving and James

The ongoing feud between the two superstars in LeBron and Kyrie has been making headline news for a little over a week now. James was blindsided by the move from Irving and was reportedly upset with his teammate after finding out the news.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported last week on First Take that sources close to him told him that LeBron was so upset that would "beat Kyrie's a**" if he were standing in front of him.

LeBron later denied the rumors via social media by calling it "fake news." Smith, on the other hand, stood by his source and says that LeBron indeed said those things about Irving.

Kyrie then chose to post a video on social media captioned, "I'm coming home," which many people considered a shot at his teammate of three years.

Thus far, everything between the two players has been subliminal at most as they have chosen to stay away from any direct comments towards one another. It has been reported that the main reason Kyrie is demanding a trade is that of the likelihood of LeBron leaving next season via free agency.

Before James returned to Cleveland, Irving experienced nothing but losing seasons and has been enjoying the luxury of winning since he's come back.

If LeBron leaves it will leave Kyrie in a tough spot, so before he is left hanging with nothing, he's making it clear to Cleveland now that he wants to play elsewhere.

Possible trade destinations for Kyrie

Kyrie is coming off a season where he averaged a career-high 25.2 points while shooting over 47 percent from the floor. He deserves just as much credit as LeBron for delivering the Cavs their first ever NBA title by hitting the game winning three in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

However, it is now safe to say Irving is ready to lead his own team and the time he has spent with James has helped him mature into a much better player than he was in 2014.

The New York Knicks have been a team that is heavily interested in pursuing a trade for Irving. The Knicks would most likely have to get rid of Melo, but Anthony has stated that he is only interested in being traded to the Houston Rockets now that Irving wants out. Then there is the Phoenix Suns who seem to have the most to offer in exchange for Kyrie. Unfortunately for Cleveland, rumors have spread that the Suns are unwilling to part ways with the No. 4 draft pick Josh Jackson in the deal.

The Spurs and Timberwolves have also been a team mentioned in the pursuit of Irving but it is unclear of who both teams would involve in the deal.