Two years ago, during Superbowl XLIX, Malcolm Butler made the biggest play of his career, in one of the most controversial play-making calls in Superbowl history---giving the New England Patriots the win.

It was his goal-line pick that transformed his career into Pro-Bowler status, becoming one of the biggest household names in the cornerback department.

Two years later, two Superbowl titles under his belt, Malcolm Butler is entering his fourth season as a New England Patriot.

The 2017 offseason, was full of fireworks for the New England Patriots.

Signing Mike Gisselle at running back, trading for Saints stud-receiver, Brandin Cooks, and re-signing Dont'a Hightower. But what may have been the biggest firework of all during the 2017 off-season, was the Malcolm Butler saga.

Will Butler stay or will he go?

When the Patriots announced that they had signed one of the biggest corners on the market, Stephon Gilmore, much speculation was made about Butler's future in New England. Reports surfaced that Butler was meeting up with the New Orleans Saints, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of Patriots fans.

Thankfully for Patriots fans, Butler and the Saints never materialized into a deal, and Butler ended up signing his one year tender keeping him in New England for the 2017-2018 season.

While his future remains uncertain, Butler met up with reporters Thursday at the Patriots training camp.

Reported on, Butler was asked what it is like playing on a team like the Patriots. "It's a great team, been a great team; it's been a great team before I got here, you know it's an honor to play for this team."

Many fans and sports journalists feared that Butler would hold a grudge against Patriots management going into this season, but so far during the offseason activities and training camp---Butler has shown nothing but working hard and has handled himself as the consummate professional that landed him a role on the team two years ago.

All business for Butler

However, Butler is most certainly going to warrant a big contract after this season, as he will be an unrestricted free agent, which will give him the ability for a big pay-day.

Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, expressed his fondness of Butler and his desires to keep the corner on the team in the foreseeable future.

Next year's off-season will be interesting to see if Butler is offered a top contract by the Patriots. One thing is for sure; Butler will have no shortage of suitors. For now, it seems like for Butler it is all business, and that there are no hard feelings about this past off-season.