It has been a turbulent week for now-former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead. After being wrongfully accused of shoplifting last June, that (Unverified) incident was all the Dallas Cowboys needed to give him the pink slip.

For some reason, a person named Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr. was able to verbally state the receiver’s social security and driver’s license number. Initially, this was the reason why the wide receiver was singled out by Virginia police to the petit larceny.

The tide changed when Whitehead was able to back up his claim of not being in the area at the time of the robbery.

It turns out that the 25-year-old was still in Dallas at that point and his agent produced the plane ticket to back up that claim. The charges were dropped, but the damage had already been done.

Lucky blindsided

Try as he did, Whitehead’s explanations apparently fell on deaf ears. Apparently, the Cowboys had reached its maximum tolerance dealing with their players, most of which was tied up to a string of arrests since the end of last NFL season.

Until it was proven that he was not in the vicinity, Whitehead was unaware of the warrant since he was not the actual person arrested in the first place. Regardless, it seems that bridges have been burned and Whitehead will have to redeem himself on the football field – and probably against the Cowboys.

Whitehead on the way out anyway

While the turn of events seems like an injustice to Whitehead, critics believed he had low chances of making it to the Cowboys roster. With the entry of Ryan Switzer, he was bound to be released. Hence, the whole row just saw him fast-forwarded his imminent exit from Dallas.

On the part of coach Jason Garrett, the whole incident may be a blessing for both sides.

It allows the Cowboys to start fresh with a clean slate, same with Whitehead. Team owner Jerry Jones seems to have Garrett’s back, emphasizing that it would be best to move on.

Hence the question now is which NFL team would take a chance on the 25-year-old player who played mostly as a kick/punt returner. Before getting to that, he may want to get his life back on track.

The recent shoplifting charge came a week barely when he claimed his dog had been kidnapped. It turned out that the alleged dog was with U.S. rapper Boogotti Kasino who said that he had agreed to buy the canine named Blitz online. As one can see, things aren’t looking so good for Whitehead until he sets things back in perspective.