The Barcelona star can change games on his own and his move to PSG is now looking optimistic. Barcelona reportedly left Neymar to make the PSG transfer decision amid rumors. But for a world-record fee of €222m, a team could buy an entirely new squad instead. Which option would you choose? Neymar's future is ultimately up to him. Neymar to PSG is reportedly 95% done.

Neymar's new home

The deal of the summer is pretty much complete. Neymar is set to finish up his €222m euro, world record move to PSG. In regards to Neymar and his decision to leave Barcelona, he is content to move.

It would definitely make things very compelling and interesting for the world of football. This drastic move would make PSG a whole new team and bring a whole new level of success.

Neymar is the type of player that has dazzling potential that continues to emerge. He can be compared to so many superstars. For example Pele. He is the type of player that has made a remarkable impact in his teens. Neymar has become the central figure for Brazil. Why else has Brazil done so well as a team? Younger players have a lot of stamina, athleticism, and drive. Neymar is only 25 years old. He has reached a salary of €9.18 million euros for the 2016 European Cup.

When a player like Neymar or even if you are looking at basketball like Carmelo Anthony, these types of players become the center of attention and then every team wants to take hold of them.

Either there are the youngsters that everyone wants and then the veterans that teams never want to get rid of. Spurs veteran Manu Ginobili is set to play another season, which is no surprise. But will it be his last?

What does this mean for Barcelona?

With Neymar making his way to PSG, this means that Barcelona is in need of a replacement.

Rumors are that they are interested in Philippe Coutinho and Pablo Dybala. Either of these players would make great additions to the team. Either of these players would be the signing of the summer for Barcelona and they would reportedly cost around €80 million euros.

Change is always a factor in sports. It makes it so much more interesting.

Trade rumors it what drives the news of sports. If players always stayed on the same team then no teams would ever grow or excel. So it will be interesting to see how PSG and Barcelona do in the 2017/2018 season. Can Neymar be that much of an impact for PSG? Or will Barcelona excel with their replacements? Only time will tell.