The Nebraska football team is having to deal with yet more rumors that Joshua Moore might still be looking at other schools. The 4-star wide receiver is one of the most sought after players of the 2018 class. This has led to plenty of schools continuing to recruit him even after he announced he was going to be joining the Huskers. About a month ago, Moore officially knocked down any talk he might still be looking at Texas A&M when a fan mentioned the chance of going to another school to him on Twitter.

Nebraska commit talked about seeing other schools

While Moore took to Twitter to claim he was dedicated to the Nebraska football team, it appears the wide receiver is sending mixed messages. On his Twitter account he posted, "My recruitment is & has been shut down ever since June 18th.. don't pay attention to what you read as I said before.. 1000% committed!" That certainly should make Husker fans feel good about their chances to keep him. The problem is that he seems to be saying different things to different people.

In one interview with SEC County, it seemed as though Moore was pretty much ready to go somewhere else. During that interview he said, "A few schools are still recruiting me and I’m still open with my options, so I won’t close anything off until I sign my papers." He added that he was still definitely listening to other schools and said he wanted to make the right decision.

Of course, what he could have meant by that is that he was "listening" to other school's sales pitches but he knew that Nebraska was still the right program for him. The problem with that theory is he also said he planned on graduating early. Because of this, he had to "make a decision soon."

Moore still committed to Nebraska football for now

It's clear Moore has a place in his heart for Nebraska.

At the same time, he has made several comments that indicate he isn't "1,000 percent" committed to the Huskers. He has also said that he believes he will be ending up with the Huskers but there is a chance something could change between now and then. The positive is that Moore appears to understand that things can change in a moment when it comes to recruiting.

The wide receiver has long talked about the relationships he's forged with the coaches on the Nebraska football team.Here's hoping that the relationships he's forged will go a long way towards making sure he sticks with the Cornhuskers. Moore is currently the second ranked commit in the entire 2018 class for the Huskers.