NBA trade rumors are still swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers, Jordan Clarkson seems to be involved in trade talks since the Lakers still have their mind on Paul George. Many teams have tried to acquire George, and the Lakers were one among them. On the other hand, George was also keen on landing with Los Angeles.

It appears that Jordan Clarkson was one of the candidates involved in trade talks for Paul George. Now that George is already with the Oklahoma City Thunder, it turns out that the Lakers are still trying to pursue him with Clarkson on the trading table.

Clarkson talks about trade rumors

Recently during a Basketball camp in Los Angeles, Clarkson admitted that he was on the trading block with the Lakers. He talked about his mindset during the offseason stating that he only worries about his work. According to the Lakers Nation, Clarkson mentioned that he needs to be ready to play anywhere if a trade takes place.

It might turn out to be difficult for some players to leave their current team and get adjusted to their new team. In that case, Jordan has already been preparing for a trade. He has fixed his mind on his performance as he believes that the game is where he needs focus and not trade rumors. That said, constant trade rumors have not shown any effect on the Lakers guard.

In fact, he has managed to improve his game this summer.

Jordan could be the leader of the Lakers second unit

There is no doubt that Jordan is a potential player, he is already focused and ready to play the 2017-18 campaign. The 25-year-old guard has his age as an advantage, and he could be the leader of the Lakers second unit.

Along with Luol Deng, Ivica Zubac, Larry Nance Jr, and Josh Hart. Clarkson will be a backbone to his team.

However, the question which is still unanswered is will the Lakers still consider to trade Jordan Clarkson. The Lakers and Paul George seem to have something in common, they both want the same thing. George has always been keen to land with Los Angeles, and the Lakers have also tried to acquire him in the past.

Perhaps, they are waiting for the right time to strike again.

The Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka stated that the organization's final plan is to land two superstars. At this moment, their focus is on developing Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. But if they are looking for a trade for George or any other star Clarkson might still be an option. NBA trade rumors are also swirling around the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks.