Andrew Wiggins has improved and fit in perfectly with whatever the Minnesota Timberwolves asked of him, all of which is expected to pay off in the end. This early, however, the former top overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft believes he deserves a max contract, something that could happen next year.

Wiggins’ name made the NBA trade headlines recently. This had to do with a potential return to Cleveland Cavaliers who are figuring out how to handle the Kyrie Irving situation. Standing in the way are the numbers, most aware that “Uncle Drew” won’t come cheap.

The T-Wolves could deal the Canadian back to the Cavs, but it would need more players in the mix. If not, a conduit team could come in to facilitate the trade. So far, Minnesota has been mum on any move as most teams do the necessary pencil-pushing to (hopefully) land the all-star guard.

Minnesota may eventually lose Wiggins

For the 2017-18 NBA wars, expect Andrew Wiggins to go all out. The T-Wolves could be a dark horse with the entry of former Chicago Bulls players Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. It reunites that vaunted front line of Tom Thibodeau who also has Karl-Anthony Towns manning the slot.

Wiggins did start out as a small forward but has since transitioned to the shooting guard role. So far, such has worked, accounting for a pretty tall lineup.

While most await how this will turn out, there is that looming question on how long it can be kept.

Wiggins will see his rookie deal expire after this season, meaning he is eligible for a max contract next summer. Minnesota would be foolish to pass on that though they are pressed financially.

End of contract

The Canadian will be a restricted free agent, but expenditures stand in the way.

Unless some moves are made, the T-Wolves don’t have a lock on him. Also, other teams will dangle the 22-year-old ridiculous numbers, further compounding Thibodeau’s woes.

Wiggins has shown what he can do offensively but needs some sharpening on the defensive end. Most know how Thibs places a premium on defense so that is one department the former top pick may have to work on this coming season.

Improving on that will only benefit Wiggins – whatever the future holds. If not in Minnesota, an improved overall game will only raise his value and justify why he believes he deserves a max contract after the 2017-18 NBA wars.

While this may seem like advancing too far ahead, the truth is Minnesota will have to weigh their options. A trade could ensure somewhere next season especially if the T-Wolves see no promise in keeping the Canadian basketball player moving forward.