Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert will remember July 7, 2017, for a long time. That was the date the Kyrie Irving trade request transfer blew up in his face. It already has been almost 3 weeks since the incident but no decisive action has been taken. The decision to let him go or not is still pending. The latest pronouncement is that they expect him in training camp once it starts.

Cleveland fans are still in shock over the news. First, they hear rumors of LeBron James planning to transfer to the Los Angeles Lakers next year, then this came along. Kyrie said he does not want to play alongside James anymore and he wants to transfer to a team that he can be the first option.

He no longer wants to play Robin to somebody’s Batman, but for the Cavs, this means they might stand to lose their two best players in two years.

Boston Celtics show interest in Kyrie Irving

Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge called the Front Office of the Cleveland Cavaliers to inquire about their price tag on Kyrie Irving. They want to monitor the progress of the Irving request. They may be willing to exchange Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie. Fans are skeptical about the exchange as Thomas just came from a season-ending injury. Although a deal with the Celtics is unlikely, fans are just keeping their fingers crossed.

Minnesota Timberwolves thinking of a Kyrie Irving for Andrew Wiggins swap

According to Hoopshype, the Minnesota Timberwolves are thinking of trading Wiggins for Kyrie Irving.

Wiggins is their number two guy after Karl-Anthony Towns, but Irving is a big temptation to let him go. It can be remembered that it was the Cavs who drafted him in 2014. He was shipped to Minnesota after a month in a deal involving Kevin Love. The relationship may be strained with their star player if the deal will not push through.

The New York Knicks have the best deal to acquire Kyrie

The New York Knicks may provide the best options to acquire Irving services. Their first option is to offer a direct trade for Carmelo Anthony plus future draft picks. Melo is willing to waive the no-trade clause in his contract if his future destination is the Cavs, ESPN reported.

To make the deal sweeter, they may make an agreement, to buy-out Melo’s contract. The Cavs could sign him to a minimum veteran’s salary and they get Kyrie in return. They are now in dire need of a point guard because Derrick Rose left them and signed a one year deal with the Cavs.

Cavs front office cannot contact Kyrie

Yahoo sports reported Cavs front office say they are having a hard time getting in touch with Kyrie Irving. Possibly they would like to see him in a room with LeBron James and coach Ty Lue to patch up things. Kyrie is now on a Nike promo tour abroad but his whereabouts are well documented by the press. There should be no problem in getting in touch with him. It is not unheard of for stars not to call the front office during the off season but a front office that cannot contact their players at any time points to trouble for both parties.

Kyrie posted a Snapchat video of himself singing Skylar Grey’s "I’m Coming Home." Fans are interpreting this three ways. First, is he is taking a dig at LeBron James, as it was the song Cleveland played when James returned. Rumors are now circulating that he will leave next year. Second is, he is changing his mind and would like to go home back to Cleveland. The third is that he heard rumors or inside information that would bring him to his home state, New York.

With Kyrie Irving’s talent and reputation, trading him to any other team will be smooth. But, is the Cleveland Cavaliers organization willing to let him go? As mentioned, they can always act on his trade request. A second option is to dissuade him and move on as if nothing happened. The bottom line is they need to resolve this once and for all before they start preparing for the season.