There is no clear view on where Kyrie Irving may end up, though all eyes are on select teams the All-Star guard prefers. Of the mix, “Uncle Drew” seems inclined to join the San Antonio Spurs and the Minnesota Timberwolves, though both teams may not have the resources to offer the Cavs.

In a previous post, the possibility of seeing Irving to the Spurs was covered in depth. A potential move to San Antonio makes sense since Irving could eventually pick up the cudgels from Tony Parker. The French basketball player is still effective at 34 but his recurring string of injuries could hint at a possible retirement happening soon.

So, with that covered, we move to the T-Wolves.

What can Minnesota offer?

The personnel and money involved are what would hinder an Irving to Timberwolves trade. A player that coach Tom Thibodeau may dangle is Andrew Wiggins. Ironically, Wiggins is the same guy that the Cavs drafted at no. 1 back in 2014. His stay was short-lived when he was eventually traded to Minnesota for All-Star forward Kevin Love. If the 22-year-old ends up returning to Cleveland, he would partner up with James, and probably Love (assuming he is not traded).

There would likely be a third player involved, someone like Gorgui Dieng. Right now, the two may not be enough to convince the Cavs to agree. If that is the case, a third team could enter the fray to make it happen.

The thing here is that Wiggins would be the guy Cleveland would be getting, along with someone else to offset the impending loss of Irving.

Will Irving fit in Minnesota?

If Irving does end up with the T-Wolves, Minnesota becomes an instant threat to the Golden State Warriors or even the retooled Houston Rockets. Paired with Karl-Anthony Towns and new addition Jimmy Butler, Minnesota fills three spots that should give opposing teams nightmares.

For the Cavs, getting back Wiggins seems to be missing something. They do inherit a budding young star who has proven he can play the off-guard position despite his size. Being at a young age, consistency has been a problem for Wiggins and something James and company may not be too patient with.

It may all depend on whether coach Tyronn Lue and James would be willing to wait and see how Wiggins develops.

A player they would be looking for in a potential three team trade is a point guard – a slot that will be left open once Irving is dealt.

The Timberwolves are weighing in on the possibility. Wiggins could be dealt for as long as the Cavs’ demands are sane. If it gets out of hand, chances are the Minnesota Timberwolves will pass on Irving and stick to their present guards – Jeff Teague and Jamal Crawford.