Both Shaquille O'Neal and LaVar Ball have talented sons that are top ranked basketball players in their recruiting classes respectively. Shareef O'Neal is one year ahead of LaMelo Ball but both players are almost guaranteed to be future members of the NBA. Both of their fathers, however, are known to have very big personalities and that has caused both dads to bump heads recently.

Shaquille O'Neal had a rap career that he took very serious at the beginning of his 19-year NBA career. He's been known to use his lyrical skills in the past against people that he's disliked or had public feuds with.

LaVar Ball has apparently become Shaq's latest victim. This week O'Neal dropped a Diss Track about ball that has yet to receive a title.

He begins the track with using a sample of LaVar saying he and LaMelo Ball can beat Shaq and Shareef in a game of two on two. During the song, Shaq raps for about three minutes straight dissing Ball about his lack of relevancy in the NBA by averaging only 2 points a game in his short career. After that, he drops continuous insults about Ball the entire track while boasting about his own accomplishments.

LaVar Ball gives his opinion on Shaq diss record

LaVar Ball was asked how he feels about the diss record Shaq recorded about him. LaVar was relaxing after his son LaMelo's AAU team had another great game in their tournament.

In the game, he scored 45 points and 12 assists. His dad did not seem too excited to talk about the topic and had some words of his own for the big guy.

"People still doing diss tracks ain't he like 50," LaVar says. "He gotta stay in his own lane. His career has been over for a long time so now it's time to jump on the Big Baller's coattail.

I get it, it's entertainment. He's a good rapper though, for somebody that don't like rap."

What started the feud between the two

The feud between Shaq and LaVar all started two weeks ago when Shareef O'Neal was asked by TMZ if he thinks he can take LaMelo Ball.

Shareef, of course, in a polite way confirmed that "he thinks he can." They then asked him if Lonzo was a different story and Shareef said, "he can take him too."

LaMelo and Shareef seem to be cool with each other off the court and Shareef says that the two have yet to play against each other yet. However, their two outspoken fathers have already begun to spark up a feud between the two high school prospects. Melo has already committed to UCLA, while O'Neal will be attending Arizona University.