Julius Randle is aware that his name has cropped up on more than one occasion, mostly on NBA trade talk. Along with Jordan Clarkson, a lot of that popped up with the Los Angeles Lakers hope to retool and assemble the best team possible.

As of this writing, Randle is still around. He is aware that NBA trades are only common and something beyond his reach. Rather than be affected by them, he does the next best thing – work himself into the best shape and play his heart out for the Lakers (or any team in the event he does get traded).

Julius Randle trade makes no sense

Randle has shown what he can do though consistency needs improvement. At 22, the former first round pick of the 2014 NBA Draft obviously still has a lot to learn, and he is hoping to show some progress once the 2017-18 NBA season kicks off.

Training camp is expected to start soon, and Randle is working out to be in the best shape he can be. Apparently, this stems from the call of team president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka as the Lakers start their journey to get back on top.

To help him out, Randle has been working with personal trainer Amolia Cesar. It seems that his hard work of getting back in shape is paying off and all that should show once the Lakers assemble.

He is still expected to start the power forward position unless something (i.e. injury) occurs in the coming months.

Randle needs to sharpen up more

At 6-foot-9, Randle showed last season he could mix it up with the taller players at power forward. His outside shot has been improving though he may have to work on that some more.

As far as operating inside the paint, Randle stands to benefit from the passing ability of Lonzo Ball. This is one facet of the rookie’s game and feeding the former Kentucky Wildcat down low at the right time could hint at a new mutt-and-jeff tandem in the making.

Consistency, as mentioned earlier, may be needed as well. Improving on that would mean upping his basketball IQ and maturity when it comes to in-game situations.

Working inside requires force and muscle, but Randle may have to enhance his judgment when it comes to offense.

The same holds true on the defensive end. Randle is a bit undersized for the four position, meaning he would have to use his wits to out-think big men out to bully their way inside. Randle has been improving through the years and this coming season could be a breakout if he plays his cards right - something that benefits not only him but the purple and gold.