Despite playing against each other and meeting in the NBA Finals for three straight years, LeBron James and Stephen Curry have a lot of respect for each other. They are competitors and top players in the NBA, and there's a good chance they will meet in the finals a few more times. As free agency began, Curry received a record-breaking contract from the Golden State Warriors and James congratulated him.

It is not surprising that the Warriors decided to keep Curry by giving him a huge contract. The point guard has been one of the best players in the NBA for a few years now and he won two MVP awards along with two championship rings.

His contract is well deserved and he will stay a Warrior for a few more years.

LeBron James' comment

Shortly after it was announced that Curry will be signing a huge deal with the Warriors, LeBron James congratulated his opponent on Twitter.

Just like Curry, LeBron got a big contract from the Cavaliers last year. However, salary cap is even bigger now and James' contract is much smaller than Curry's as he makes around $33.3 million on average, while the Warriors guard will make over $40 million a year.

However, considering that LeBron will be able to opt out of his contract next year, there is a chance that he will also receive a huge contract, either from the Cleveland Cavaliers or another team.

He is the best player in the NBA and many teams are willing to invest in him.

Stephen Curry's huge contract

Curry will be signed to a five-year contract that's worth over $200 million. He will be the first player in NBA history to be paid over $40 million annually and will be the highest-paid NBA player.

While there are not many specific details about his contract, Stephen Curry will most likely be paid $34.6 million next season, which should make him the highest-paid player in the league.

LeBron James will receive $33.3 million for his contract, which will probably be the second-biggest contract in the league.

Considering that his average yearly salary is $40 million, Curry will most likely receive almost $46 million in the final year of his contract. While this is a lot of money, salary cap is expected to grow in the next few years, and the Warriors will find ways to sign great free agents with their remaining cap space.

As a matter of fact, Kevin Durant, who signed with the Warriors last summer, decided to opt out of his contract and take a pay cut, just so the Warriors can give Curry more money and re-sign other free agents.