The 2017 Summer League has been a blast thus far, and it's about to get better. Las Vegas kicks off their festivities Friday, where we'll get to see the number two overall pick Lonzo Ball in action. Both the Lakers and the Clippers have gone through an eventful offseason. The Clippers parted ways with their All-Star point guard Chris Paul, while the Lakers did the same with their young point guard D'Angelo Russell. Both teams have youngsters wanting to prove their worth. Here are three players to watch in this matchup.

Lonzo Ball

If you haven't heard of the Ball family, you must be away from your television.

Lonzo Ball brings as much entertainment to the court as his father LaVar Ball brings to the television. Picked with the second overall pick, the Lakers made it clear that Lonzo is going to be their guy. They've paved a way for that, by trading D'Angelo Russell. Lonzo features an elite ability to shoot the ball and an incredible way of passing the ball. In a very uptempo and quick offense that the Lakers run, Lonzo's gifts should be on full display Friday night. The main thing to watch with Lonzo is how he does off the Pick And Roll, and how he looks in the transition part of the game.

Juwan Evans

You may have never heard of Juwan Evans, but don't be fooled, this guy is a beast in the making. Standing at just 6 feet tall, Evans was drafted out of Oklahoma State with the 9th pick in the second round.

Juwan Evans comes into Summer League with an elite work ethic and scoring ability. His game at Oklahoma State featured a lot of NBA-type actions whether it be through pick and roll or other sets. Juwan was great in the pick and roll, and with Chris Paul leaving, he might be able to fill that void in a couple of years. Look for Juwan in how well he shoots the ball off the dribble, and how he does seeing over larger defenders when he attempts to find open shooters.

Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma was a second round pick for the Lakers out of the University of Utah. Kuzma is a multi-faceted player who can play the power forward position or small forward. At 6'9", 221 pounds, Kuzma brings a ton of athleticism to this Lakers roster. He can knock down a three-pointer and he can go to work in space. Watch for Kuzma to really make an impact when he rolls off the pick and roll from Lonzo, or when he gets out in transition.

These three players are going to be really good in the coming years, and are going to be very fun to watch Friday night.