Los Angeles Lakers Summer League head coach Jedd Buechler has named rising Brandon Ingram the leader of the team.

The Lakers are set to kick off their Summer League campaign on July 7 when they meet city rivals Los Angeles Clippers in Las Vegas.

Ingram, 19, is set to make his second appearance in the competition, having played just weeks after getting drafted at number two last year. The Duke product averaged 12.2 points 41.2 field goal percentage in five games, per the NBA.com.

Along with Ingram, heavily promising Lonzo Ball and talented big-man Ivica Zubac will also be representing the Purple and Gold in Las Vegas.

The Lakers were led last year by now former Laker D'Angelo Russel and Filipino guard Jordan Clarkson.

''This is his team this summer to be in charge of,” Buechler said, referring to Ingram, as revealed on the team's site.

Three is the number

Rising Brandon Ingram has revealed that he will be taking participation in at least three first games of the NBA Summer League. The former Duke Blue Devil remains unsure about what will happen the Los Angeles Lakers conclude their opening games. The forward hopes get the better understanding with his fellow teammates while in Las Vegas.

The Lakers will be taking on the Boston Celtics just a day after their opening clash against the Clippers. The Purple and Gold have also been scheduled to face off against the Sacramento Kings on July 10.

''I have. I'm not sure how many games but I plan to play the first three games,'' Ingram said when asked has he thought about how much he will play in the league. ''Just to gel with some of the guys...to develop some chemistry with some of the guys that are going to play on our regular season team.''

Don't even try to make comparisons

Brandon Ingram believes that no comparison can be made between the NBA Summer League and the actual NBA campaign.

The second overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft thinks it serves more as a good preparation and to get in the rhythm. The forward could tell the difference as he has experienced the basketball intensity and quality at both levels.

The Summer League features mostly rookie and sophomore players, undrafted prospects as well as D-League players the ones from other continents. All have the same goal -- to impress NBA scouts and earn a spot on NBA roster.

''Just to get some run. I don't think it's anything to compare to the league. But that's just to get some run.''