While NBA free agency doesn’t officially kick off until the weekend, there are a lot of rumors regarding the same circulating online. A recent report suggests that The Chicago Bulls are in a rather difficult situation. The group has now arrived at the time in the offseason where they have to make an informed decision regarding what they wish to do about guard Rajon Rondo. Vice President of Chicago Bulls basketball operations John Paxson recently made a statement, suggesting that they still haven’t arrived at any definite decision as yet.

Rajon Rondo's future

Paxson made a statement earlier this month, suggesting that the Chicago Bulls are still unsure about what they wish to do about Rajon Rondo. There are multiple possibilities to this. First off, the Chicago Bulls can simply buy off Rajon Rondo for $3 million by June 30. Otherwise, they could keep him on the roster for the cost of $13.4 million for the 2017-18 NBA season. The Chicago Bulls are clearly rebuilding after their huge NBA Draft trade where they sent Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the possibility remains that the Bulls will bring Rajon Rando back to mentor the younger players.

Kris Dunn over Rondo

As noted by several reports, it would make sense for the Chicago Bulls to grant Kris Dunn more playing time.

The team acquired Dunn last Thursday in their big trade. Since the team seems very interested in getting younger, as evident by trading Butler, it would be a strong possibility for the Chicago Bulls to part ways with Rondo to give younger players more playing time.

Also, Rondo’s contract situation makes it easier for the team to make a decision since his departure could open up another spot for another young player.

The respect for Rando by his fellow players could make it hard to part with the popular player, though.

The Bulls recently made the headlines for praising fellow Rajon Rondo for his mentorship skills. He was described by the team as being the protector of younger players. Chicago Bulls general manager, Gar Forman, said that the team is planning on getting together to plan for free agency on July 1.

He further stated that, at the moment, the team has a couple of roster spots open and they need to decide who they will keep. Forman did add that a decision will be made and announced by June 30. Experts believe that team is leaning towards giving the younger players a chance at showcasing their skills with the team next season.