As reported by first by ESPN, followed by David Aldridge, TNT analyst who writes for, #Kyrie Irving has asked to be traded from Cleveland despite the teams recent success since LeBron returned to the Cavs.

Why would he want out?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been to three straight NBA finals, including one championship. Kyrie plays alongside, arguably, the best player in the world, who's been to seven straight finals, a feat that hasn't been accomplished in five decades. #LeBron James is the most unselfish player on the planet, but at times a little too much.

Kyrie's agent, Jeff Wechsler, said in a phone interview Friday regarding Irving's current status, "What I can tell you is we had a meeting a couple of weeks ago, and we sat down and discussed Kyrie's future with the team and all the scenarios. The contents of that meeting we're going to keep between the team and us."

However, an unnamed source per said, "(Irving) said he wanted to be the focal point, wanted to be the franchise player and no longer wanted to play alongside LeBron."

The team has been the equivalent to playing Jenga since GM David Griffin's firing. Pieces are falling apart from every which way and the whole structure is about to go kaput. The entire offseason has been unproductive with the acquisitions being Cedi Osman, Jeff Green, and Jose Calderon.

Not exactly superstar names.

LeBron's take

According to ESPN Senior Writer and longtime Lebron follower Brian Windhorst, James has instructed Dan Gilbert and the front office to take the lead in dealing with Irving's trade demands. Unnamed sources said James and the entire franchise were shocked, to say the least, when the former #1 pick by the #Cleveland Cavaliers asked the team to trade him.

James has made it clear his only current objectives are to continue his normal summer workout sessions and report to training camp ready to lead whatever team is put in front of him to the best of his ability. It's unlikely he'll intervene in Kyrie's request.

However, he did express his displeasure for David Griffin's firing via Twitter.

Cleveland's forgettable offseason

  • Kyrie tells Maggie Gray of Sports Illustrated, "I understand we're in a very peculiar place." He later took back that exact wording.
  • Dan Gilbert hangs out with the Cubs owner at the White House after they not only just beat the team who plays in the same city, but the Cleveland Indians play directly beside Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cavs.
  • Lost the potential acquisition of Paul George and Jimmy Butler, even though they were considered front-runners.

  • Didn't offer Jamal Crawford enough money, so they ended up with Turkish forward Cedi Osman.
  • Chauncey Billups got a raise from ESPN and backed out of assuming the GM vacancy
  • Lebron's apparent fascination with LA, which has been broadcasted by seemingly every sports media person on the West side of civilization.
  • David Griffin's departure

Last but not least, Uncle Drew has decided he'd like to part ways.