The Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins situation has hardly gotten any headway, meaning the 28-year-old will continue to play on a year-to-year basis. His upcoming deal is worth $23.94 million and the figures go higher from there.

Come February 2018, the Redskins will be pressed to make a crucial decision. If they do intend to sign Cousins long-term, the numbers should be off the charts. Some figures show that the third year player could end up earning $34.47 million next year plus another $28.7 million due to the transition tag. If these aren’t in Washington’s plans, the worst case scenario is seeing Cousins walk.

Why is Washington coy on Cousins?

With hefty numbers to consider, it seems that people inside the Washington organization are torn about giving Cousins the franchise tag. Apparently, the Redskins are still haunted by the Robert Griffin III investment. They are still reeling from that investment and hence have apprehension of doing the same to Cousins.

Cousins and RG3 are two different players, but Washington cannot be faulted for being cautious. However, the longer it takes them to decide may be working against them – especially on the financial side.

Inadvertently, Washington is resorting to the wait-and-see approach. This path may suffice temporarily and cost them in the long run. Cousins could eventually move to another team but there would be a lot of prerequisites for that to happen.

That includes finding a new play caller or engaging in deals.

Cousins still raw?

Kirk Cousins did prove his worth last season, taking over from Griffin. Cousins led the team to a respectable 8-7-1 mark last year and is 17-14-1 in two seasons as the team's full-time starter. Those may be breakthrough numbers for the 28-year-old but it seems Washington still needs some convincing.

Cousins could churn out yet another marvelous run for the 2017-18 NFL season and see what happens from there. If the Redskins continue to be indecisive and hold out, it could be costly. However, a year-to-year basis or evaluation is unlikely to hold up.

If the Redskins are cautious, so is Cousins. Nearing his 30s, he is nearing the age where players would be looking for security.

Hence, a long-term deal is likely to be going on in his mind and this is something he could get from other teams.

The coming season will be a crucial evaluation stage. The Redskins may finally hand him that long-term deal or opt to go in a different direction. If the latter persists, expect other NFL teams to go after Cousins- assuming he plays up to par.