Cleveland Cavaliers' offseason hasn't gone well so far. Instead of improving their roster and adding valuable players, the Cavaliers haven't made many moves and it could be costly for them. One of the biggest reasons for such a bad offseason is the fact that the team does not have a General Manager. Yes, you read that right.

The Cavaliers refused to extend David Griffin's contract, to the surprise of many. LeBron James supported Griffin and he advocated for his extension. However, the Cavaliers had a different plan and, even though Griffin was a great general manager, they let him go without even offering him a new contract.

Billups as Griffin's replacement

Right after Griffin's contract expired, the Cavaliers started looking for a new general manager. It seemed that it won't be a difficult task as former All-Star, Chauncey Billups, was interested in accepting this position. Billups seemed like a great candidate for the job and there is no doubt that his NBA experience would be very helpful.

At one point, it seemed that the former NBA player will definitely be the next general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Chauncey Billups, however, turned down the offer from the Cavaliers, leaving them in a search for another person to do this job.

It wasn't the time for Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups declined to share any details about the job offer he received from the Cavaliers.

However, a source told The Undefeated that he was never offered a five-year contract, which is what many reporters said. Billups told The Undefeated why he decided to turn down the offers from Cleveland, explaining his situation.

First and foremost, my family was 100 percent behind me taking the job,” Billups said. “It didn’t come down to that at all.

At the end of the day, after carefully looking at the entire situation, I just felt it wasn’t the time. It’s that simple. I’ve got a ton of respect for Dan and the Cavs organization. But now just wasn’t the time."

What's next?

Billups will keep playing in the BIG3 while also working as an NBA analyst for ESPN. Considering that he has shown interest in working in an NBA front office, there is a chance he could get another deal very soon.

On the other side, the Cleveland Cavaliers will keep looking for a new general manager. They will have to find one as soon as possible since the clock is ticking and they don't have much time. Free agents are signing with other teams and, without a general manager, the Cavaliers will always be one step behind them.