Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN report that the Celtics may have to move more pierces than expected in order to sign Gordon Hayward. Hayward made news yesterday by signing a four-year, $128 million contract with the Boston Celtics. However, in order to pay him, some serious maneuvering will need to happen.

Crowder, Bradley, and Smart on trade block

Originally, the Celtics were going to pull their qualifying offer to Kelly Olynyk. Then, they had to renounce their rights to Jared Jerebko, James Young, and Gerald Green. They would also have to waive or trade Jordan Mickey and Demetrius Jackson and find a trade partner for Terry Rozier.

Now, it seems that the Celtics will have to trade at least two more players in a group that features Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, and Avery Bradley. If the Celtics completed everything in the last paragraph, they would still be $300,000 short of the max.

Smart and Bradley will be free agents at the end of next season. Isaiah Thomas is also going to be a free agent, and the Celtics intend on re-signing him. If all three were brought back next season with their current payroll situation, their luxury tax bill could be $70 million.

Crowder likely to go

The Celtics already have plenty of small forwards. They have Jaylen Brown on the team and recently drafted Jayson Tatum as a lottery pick. It also hurts that Hayward plays the same position as Crowder.

Crowder has three years left on his contract that is set to pay him about $7 million each season. Smart is also a candidate to go since he could look to make a lot more after his rookie contract expires. Avery Bradley doesn't seem like the team's first option to be traded due to his value as a defender. If the Celtics choose to keep Rozier, then Bradley's chance at being trade could increase.

Potential destinations

One potential location for Crowder is the Utah Jazz. The Jazz need a small forward, and with Hayward's departure, it leaves them with little options left in free agency. Crowder may not cost the Jazz that much since the Jazz know that the Celtics need to lose salary, so it gives Utah more leverage.

Smart could be part of a three-team deal with the Rockets.

The Rockets are actively looking to find a third team to facilitate a trade for Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks need a point guard given rumors that Derrick Rose is likely to leave. Along with draft picks, Smart could be sent to the Knicks to help the Rockets acquire Anthony.