Trade talks between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics have intensified in the last couple of days for the Celtics number one overall pick. The Celtics could gain a package of draft picks for the future if they let go of the pick, while getting a guy they want in Kansas forward Josh Jackson.

Some Celtic fans might be wondering at what point does Boston stop making deals for the future, and worry about right now? The Cavaliers showed how much more dominant they are than the Celtics with their current roster. What if there was a way for this trade to go, and make ground on Cleveland?

Make the trade, let Olynyk and Green Walk

Kelly Olynyk and Gerald Green are two of the top Celtic free agents this offseason. If the Celtics make this trade, Boston is looking at using the number three pick they would receive from the 76ers on Jackson. Green plays at the small forward position, while Olynyk is more like a small forward than a center. The move would leave Jae Crowder and Jalen Brown as the only small forwards on the roster. We will get more into this momentarily.

Use picks to create package for Jimmy Butler

First, let's dive into what the Celtics already have. The Celtics have three second round picks for this draft, and two first round picks for next year's draft. If the Celtics can net another first round pick for next year's draft, that would leave Boston with three first round picks in 2018.

The Chicago Bulls have no identity right now. They possess and old roster with no signs of getting better. They also awaiting the decision of Dwyane Wade's player option which could strap them on spending money this offseason. The Celtics could package a couple first round picks with Crowder and make a trade for Butler.

Butler is a 20-point a night NBA player with stellar defense.

Butler has experience guarding Lebron James in the postseason which would really benefit the Celtics. This would allow Jackson to transition into the league better with Butler at the starting position.

Sign Blake Griffin

Making the trade for Butler would take away the premise of trying to sign small forward Gordon Hayward; however, Boston has been linked to be interested in Griffin as well.

If the Celtics can pry Griffin away from the Clippers, the Celtics could have a starting lineup of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Butler, Griffin, and Al Horford.

The Celtics would have to sign a complementary bench piece, but could try and sign Amir Johnson. Johnson could join Terry Rozier, Brown, Jackson, and Marcus Smart as bench supporters. Would this be enough to dethrone Cleveland? We don't know, but it would certainly make it a more interesting series.