After having a fantastic season with the Miami Heat, Dion Waiters signed a four-year contract to stay in South Beach. He loves the city and he loves the team and its culture. Waiters was signed to his first contract with the Heat last summer, and he was brought as Dwyane Wade's replacement. After Wade decided to join his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, Miami signed Waiters, and Waiters was really good.

However, Dion would like to play with Wade in Miami. Waiters has a lot of respect for the Chicago Bulls shooting guard, who is also his idol. He is trying to bring him back to Miami, even though Wade has one more year left on his contract with the Bulls.

There has been a lot of talk about Wade's contract buyout and there is definitely a possibility of this happening. If Dwyane Wade's contract gets bought out, he would become a free agent and he'd be able to sign with the Miami Heat. This is not very likely to happen, as Wade will most likely stay in Chicago for another year, but Waiters is giving his best to recruit his idol.

Wade's potential return to Miami

Miami Heat could acquire Dwyane Wade either through a trade or through a signing if he gets bought out. Considering that he will be paid $23.8 million next year, the Heat most likely wouldn't trade for him. Despite the fact that Wade's contract will expire next summer, it is unlikely that Miami would trade for him and give up a few good players just to bring him back.

However, another option for the Heat would be signing Dwyane Wade to a new contract. In order for this to happen, the Chicago Bulls would need to buy Wade out so he can be a free agent. In this situation, Miami could bring him back and they would most likely use their mid-level exception to do it.

The exception is worth only $4.3 million, so it's questionable if Wade would accept such contract.

Will Dwyane Wade come back?

Miami Heat could definitely use another veteran on the roster, especially if it's a fan favorite. Dwyane Wade would most likely like to come back to the place where he started his professional career, so both sides would benefit from the reunion.

However, the chances of Wade coming back to Miami this summer are very slim. If the Wade-Heat reunion is meant to happen, then it will most likely happen next year when Wade becomes a free agent. By then, the shooting guard will be 36 and he probably won't demand a lot of money for his services. Considering that, the Heat could bring him back on a cheap deal and allow him to retire in the city where he became one of the best basketball players.