The Cleveland Cavaliers finally managed to sign New York Knicks veteran point guard Derrick Rose in a 1-year, $2.1 million contracts. It is believed that Rose will be the new key player of the Cavaliers if Kyrie Irving got traded. The Cavaliers recently signed Jose Calderon, which will also be a huge help for Rose. LeBron James is also happy that Rose signed with the Cavaliers, as they will not worry too much if Irving leaves the team. It is also believed that Rose and James can bring the Cavaliers to another championship.

Derrick Rose might regain his strength with the Cavaliers

It is known that every player that has teamed up with LeBron James becomes much stronger. It is because of how well James can pass the ball, giving everyone the opportunity to score. Derrick Rose is known to focus on his jump shots since he got injured. However, he has been attacking the basket and scoring through dunks in his last few games with the New York Knicks. Basketball fans are expecting a huge return from Rose, as the 28-year old point guard now can reach the NBA Finals. James has high expectations from Rose, as both of them have been in so many tight battles, where Rose stood out. It is known that the Los Angeles Lakers tried to convince Rose.

However, the former MVP is not a perfect fit for the Lakers as it is currently filled with young players, especially in point guard position.

The Cavaliers can reach the NBA Finals again with Derrick Rose

Kyrie Irving wanting to leave the Cavaliers seems not a big deal anymore, as Derrick Rose will now replace his position. Rose averaged 18 points per game, and 3.8 rebounds last season.

He also reached a 47.1 percent shooting, which is his highest since the 2009-10 season. Due to this, fans can expect that Rose will focus on scoring with the Cavaliers. Even though Kyrie Irving isn't traded yet, the Cavaliers seems already preparing for the future of the franchise. The entry of Derrick Rose in the Cavaliers might also interest Carmelo Anthony, which is a former teammate of Rose and a good friend of LeBron James.

There are a lot of possible rebuild options for the Cavaliers since Irving announced that he wants to be traded. However, the Cavaliers will still need young players that will match with the Golden State Warriors and the rest of the young teams in the NBA today. The Cleveland Cavaliers also seems to recover from its frustrating offseason, as they finally managed to sign Koby Altman as their new General Manager.