When the Golden State Warriors knocked off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016-17 NBA Finals, it was clear that the two teams were not on the best of terms. That was further escalated when multi-time MVP LeBron James decided to talk some smack to one of the most outspoken players in the NBA after the series was over with. During what has to be down time for LeBron, he posted a photo of Draymond Green wearing a shirt that said “Quickie” and then posted the comment “That’s what she said, HUH?!?!?” To add some humor to it, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook clicked the “Like” button as well.

The tee-shirt insults

This isn’t the first time that a player from the winning NBA team decided to pull out a tee-shirt and insult the other team. Last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit and pulled off the upset to win the NBA Championship in seven games. When LeBron James himself got back home to celebrate, he held up the trophy while wearing a WWE shirt that featured Hall of Fame superstar The Ultimate Warrior. Of course, that made it look like James was calling himself the ultimate warrior by beating the Golden State Warriors.

One year later, the Warriors took another 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, and even though the Cleveland Cavaliers hoped to repeat their performance from the year before, they fell in Game 5 and the Warriors took the NBA Championship with a 4-1 victory.

As a result, Draymond Green showed up for the celebration in Oakland wearing a shirt that said “Quickie,” printed in the same font and design as the budget software Quicken. The Cavaliers play their home games at Quicken Loans Arena. It was an easy way to see this as an answer for LeBron James diss from the year before.

Draymond and LeBron take shots at each other

Draymond Green was interviewed after the celebration today in Oakland and was wearing the “Quickie” shirt. When he was talking to a reporter about it, she laughed at the shirt and he said, “I can’t forget the Ultimate Warrior shirt from last year.” It was clear after making that statement that his purpose was to get LeBron James back.

Of course, when James responded on his own Instagram account with juvenile humor, it was just another classic moment between the two men.

It was probably also funny for Russell Westbrook, who clearly liked LeBron James comment. Westbrook sat at home after the Oklahoma City Thunder’s elimination and watched his former teammate Kevin Durant, who bolted from the Thunder for the Warriors last offseason, win his first NBA Championship.