Derrick Rose is back in Cleveland on Monday. The point guard had previously met with the team last week in search of a one-year deal. Much has changed since then, though, namely the status of incumbent starter Kyrie Irving, who has demanded a trade. Now, the Cavaliers might aim to accelerate the process of signing the old guard to a deal in order to jettison the newer one. It's just another chapter for the team having the most dysfunction week in sports memory.

Rose meets with the organization

ESPN reports that Rose is in serious discussions with the Cavaliers about a one-year, $2.1 million deal for the coming season.

He met with the Los Angeles Lakers (in addition to Cleveland) last week, but is more likely to be swayed by the team that has been to the past three NBA Finals. Rose wants to play for a contender, although a trade of Irving may make the team less of a contender than they would have been otherwise.

If Irving is traded, however, opportunity would arise for Rose. Many around the league no longer view him as a starting point guard, despite coming off a strong season with the New York Knicks. With only Jose Calderon and Kay Felder in the building, Rose would once again get the opportunity to be an unquestioned starter. Cleveland could help him build his value back up so he can command a larger deal when he enters free agency again next summer.

Irving abandoning Cleveland

This weekend has put Irving's relationship with the Cavaliers into focus. He reportedly wants to be the unquestioned leader of a team, which means escaping from the shadow of LeBron James. He also felt in the dark about the team's transactions after the dismissal of general manager David Griffin, which took place just a month ago.

The point guard has given the team a list of teams he would like a trade to, including Rose's former haunt in the New York Knicks.

Cleveland is now in an organization primed for an overhaul. Rose would not be a long-term answer for the team, but he can keep the squad afloat for a season while the future of LeBron James is debated.

The water seems poisoned enough that Irving will be traded before the start of next season. After that, the offseason becomes a further mess for the team. Nobody is getting out of this unscathed. If anything, however, Derrick Rose could come out as a big winner - a chance to be a starting point guard and improve his value for another season and another team down the road.