The NFL has started handing down suspensions for the upcoming NFL season – some of them fair and others appearing to be a little biased on the part of the NFL. However, when it comes to failing the NFL-mandated drug tests, there is no wiggle room and that is where the suspension for the Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Mike Thomas comes in at. The NFL reported on Friday that they have suspended second-year receiver Thomas for the first four games of the 2017 Nfl Season for failing their drug tests.

The Mike Thomas violation

The Mike Thomas suspension comes after failing the NFL drug test - although the league did not specify what it was that Thomas was caught using.

However, it was the PED policy that was mentioned by the NFL, meaning this was not recreational drugs but instead something from off the list of the banned performance enhancing drugs that are disallowed in the NFL.

It was noted that a four-game suspension means that it was likely for a “positive test result for a stimulant or anabolic agent,” so it was a PED. The suspension will knock Thomas out of action for the first four games of the season, or effectively one-fourth of the 2017 NFL season unless the Rams make the playoffs.

The good news for the young receiver is that he can still take part in the offseason workouts and study sessions with the team. He can also take part in all practices with the team, both in the preseason and in the first four games of the regular season.

However, Mike Thomas won’t be eligible to play until the Oct. 2 game. This is one week after the Los Angeles Rams battle the Dallas Cowboys on the road in Week 4.

Not a huge loss for the Rams

While it is sad to say, the loss of Mike Thomas won’t affect the Los Angeles Rams through the first four games of the 2017 NFL season. The Rams drafted Thomas in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and he barely played at all as a rookie.

When he did get into the game, he made a couple of mistakes that cost him further playing time. He fumbled the opening kickoff in a game against the Atlanta Falcons and he dropped a big touchdown pass against Seattle.

However, the Los Angeles Rams hoped to see a big improvement in the 2017 NFL season for Mike Thomas. He has enjoyed what the team calls “tremendous growth” between his rookie season and now. However, it doesn’t look like he will be able to help contribute to the Rams anytime soon and the four-game suspension might mean even longer before he is ready to step into any kind of serious role.