The Golden State Warriors have kept their core group intact and are still primed for another run for the title. Their lineup is so good that even Cleveland wants to join the Dubs! Kidding aside, Antonius Cleveland, an undrafted swingman, has reportedly signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors.

Who is Antonius Cleveland?

Antonius Cleveland is a 6’6” athletic shooting guard who can play multiple positions. Cleveland last suited up for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Summer League. The 23-year-old swingman averaged 5.8 points on 40.6 percent shooting in close to 15 minutes of court time in Las Vegas.

Cleveland’s performance in the NBA summer bonanza apparently caught the eye of the Golden States Warriors’ execs. The Warriors reportedly signed the undrafted free agent to a training camp deal. Cleveland averaged 16.6 points per game during his senior season with Southeast Missouri State and shot 38.4 percent from the deep, something the Warriors always value.

While Antonius would be hard-pressed to break into the Dubs regular season roster, his upside makes him an intriguing prospect. Cleveland is explosive, long, athletic, and has an improving jump shot and he will probably see court action in the G League this season.

Twitter explodes with Cleveland joining the Dubs!

The Warriors summarily beat the Cavaliers in last year’s NBA Finals. To make matters worse, the Cavaliers are seemingly on the verge of losing of their cornerstones with Kyrie Irving reportedly requesting to be traded just days after losing General Manager David Griffin, the man who led them to three consecutive finals appearance.

And the Warriors seemingly wanted to pour salt on the wound by signing a player whose last name is Cleveland. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on people on Twitter. While most of those users believe that the Warriors signed Cleveland just to troll the suddenly imploding Cavaliers team, Cleveland's performance in the Summer League is certainly good enough to make the Dubs’ training camp roster.

However, that didn’t stop the wise-cracking NBA fans from making fun out of this situation. With a catchy headline the likes of “Cleveland Joins Forces with Warriors,” the Twitter world exploded with some of the hilarious puns the NBA has seen in a while.

Check it out below! Meanwhile, sound off in the comment section what you think of Cleveland’s deal with the Dubs!