Kyrie Irving reportedly has requested to be traded to a team wherein he can be the focal point. NBA sources claim that the trade request was made last week to Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert. As per league sources, Irving reportedly short-listed the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Timberwolves as possible trade destinations.

Why Kyrie Irving joining the San Antonio Spurs makes sense

Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs is currently injured and reports suggest that the French superstar point guard will be out at least half the 2017-2018 season.

In joining the Spurs, Kyrie Irving will be able to step into Parker’s slot without much trouble. That being said, Irving can probably be more effective than Parker at this point because of Parker's advancing age.

Also, with Parker out, Irving will have total control of the Spurs’ offense. With Kawhi Lenard still improving, the Spurs will have another All-Star point guard that can help them compete against the Golden State Warriors and the rest of the ultra-tough Western Conference. That said, Irving is reportedly open to playing with the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Timberwolves, if a deal with the Spurs falls apart.

New York Knicks ready to give Irving the keys to the team?

Well, it really depends on who the Knicks are willing to let go in exchange for the Cavs point guard. There is no question that Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving have great chemistry together on and off the court. However, Anthony himself has requested to be traded to the Cavs, ironically, or to the Houston Rockets.

However, if Kyrie Irving wants to play in New York, would it be enough for Carmelo Anthony to reconsider his decision to leave the city? Again, it depends on who the Knicks will have to let go. All indications suggest that the rising star Kristaps Porzingis is off the table. In place of Porzingis, the Knicks may be willing to trade Anthony and future first-round picks for Irving.

Assuming that the Cavaliers want the trio of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love to anchor its offense, then Kyrie Irving will have free reign to lead the Knicks. However, if he wants to compete for championships, New York has too little to offer Uncle Drew on that point.

Kyrie Irving will make the Miami Heat an instant title contender

The Miami Heat have a relatively young team. The Heat haave hard-nosed and blue-collared core that doesn’t back down to anyone. Led by Goran Dragic, Dion Waiters, and All-Star candidate Hassan Whiteside, Miami started 11-30, climbed back to .500, and almost got into the playoffs. If that accomplishment doesn’t show the fighting spirit and fiery competitiveness of that group, then NBA fans can at least describe the Heat as resilient.

If Miami lands Irving, the Heat will have to part with some of their core guys, but they are going to get back an All-Star caliber world champion point guard in return. Assuming that the Heat keep Dragic, Kyrie and the man they call “The Dragon” can split point guard duties. However, in Coach Erik Spoelstra’s positionless system, Dragic and Irving will not be jostling for positions since both of them would benefit within the Heat system: with the primary ball handler looking to make plays for the other.

Also, Kyrie Irving’s agent Jeff Wechsler has a great relationship with the Miami Heat and the Heat president Pat Riley having represented Alonzo Mourning for a number of years. The pitch would be simple: the Heat need an All-Star and Irving has short-listed the Miami Heat.

With Irving in tow, the Miami Heat can wreak havoc in the Eastern Conference.

And if the rumors are true that one of the reasons why Irving wants out is because of LeBron James, then being traded to the Heat is the way to go. The headlines would read “Pat Riley and Kyrie Irving get back at LeBron James.”

Kyrie Irving and Minnesota Timberwolves to make waves in the Western Conference

Kyrie Irving reportedly considered the Chicago Bulls before the Bulls sent All-Star Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The trade reunites Butler with coach Tom Thibodeau, and gave the Wolves a legit two-way threat. Irving in Minnesota would instantly make the Wolves a contender in the Western Conference.

With Ricky Rubio gone, Kyrie Irving will start at point guard with Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns and Taj Gibson.

That lineup is trouble waiting to happen for other teams, and with Thibodeau at the helm, the team will be playing two-way basketball.

Will Kyrie Irving really leave the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Kyrie Irving joining the Spurs, Knicks, Heat, and Timberwolves have its own pros and cons. Each scenario offers its own set of difficulties. The Cleveland Cavaliers reached 3 NBA Finals in a row, winning one in the process, but they were soundly beaten by the Golden State Warriors last season despite the magnificent play of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

While rumors suggest that Kyrie Irving is chafing at not being the focal point of the Cavs offense, it is understandable that Irving wants to be his own man. So asking for a trade to one of the aforementioned teams above makes sense as any of those team would give him what he wants, being "the man."