Brandon Ingram reveals he looks forward to playing alongside Lonzo Ball as the forward has described guard Ball as ''a guy you want to play with.''

The Los Angeles Lakers selected Ball at number two in last month's NBA draft, who said moments after getting drafted that rising Laker Ingram ''can be a superstar.'' The former UCLA Bruin didn't stop there, adding that he is ''excited'' to team with the 19-year-old rising star in Hollywood.

Heavily explosive and dynamic Ball is one of the most intriguing and talented point guard prospects in recent years.

The 19-year-old led the Bruins to the NCAA March Madness Tournament Sweet-16 stage this past campaign, a year after the university failed to make the postseason.

One of Ball's positives coming out of college was that he is known as a pass-first guy.

''It's great. He sees that he wants to play with me,'' Ingram said, after a Summer League practice workout, when he acknowledged Ball's draft comments. ''Of course, he is a guy that you want to play with. As you pass the ball, he's very unselfish. And he can get out there on the offensive end.''

Ingram and Ball: the future

Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball are seen as the two players with most upside and talent on the current Los Angeles Lakers roster. The organization remains hopeful the duo will reach superstar status one day.

The Lakers, who possess a talented young core, are eager to develop talent, having failed to lure big-name talent in recent years.

Should the two 19-year-old's meet and surpass the expectations placed upon them, it would be an ideal scenario for the 16-time NBA champions

Everyone benefits with Ball

Brandon Ingram believes the presence of Lonzo Ball will benefit his game as the two are due to play for the first time together during the NBA Las Vegas Summer League.

6ft 9in Ingram and Ball, a 6ft 5in player, could be one of the deadliest duos in the future.

Ball is a big fan of high pace, loves to run and open up a transition basketball whenever he can, which often leads to him scoring buckets or putting a teammate in a great position to score. The 19-year-old already has an extremely good court-vision and a remarkable feel for the pass.

The guard has been often compared to Jason Kidd, one of the greatest and best point guards to ever play in the league.

Though as tall as Ingram is, the forward runs, moves, handles the ball, and shoots well on the court, The former Duke Blue Devil's game reminds one of well-known superstar Kevin Durant's game. As Ingram, 19, is still developing and improving, having someone who can improve his shot-selection with his passing skills is more than a welcomed thing.

Ball was making life easier big-time to his teammates with his game-style at UCLA but it remains to be seen if he do the same with the Los Angeles Lakers.

''I think he can help me with easier baskets. pushing the pace, getting in transition. a lot of transition buckets,'' Ingram said.