Adrien Broner suffered the third loss of his career on Saturday night when he was beaten by the undefeated Mikey Garcia. Garcia's record improved to 37 wins and 0 losses. Broner's record fell to 33-3 after the loss. Broner moved down in weight to make the fight because neither Broner or Garcia could find anyone worth fighting in their respective classes.

The fight went all 12 rounds with Garcia seemingly dominating most of the fight. He landed and threw much more punches than Broner. Broner threw a total of 400 punches and landed 125 of them. Garcia, on the other hand, connected on 244 of the 783 punches he threw.

All three judges scored the bout in the favor of Mikey in the end. Two judges scored in favor of Garcia 116-112, while the third judge gave Mikey an 117-111 edge.

Post fight recap and reactions

Garcia continues to dominate his weight class and is becoming a more known fighter, considering the fact he's still yet to be beaten. After the fight, he spoke to the crowd at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, about his victory over Broner.

"This is definitely one of my best performances ever," Garcia said. "I think I controlled the fight in the earlier rounds, and I kept the activity up.

[Broner] is a great fighter who has great skills. I was the superior fighter tonight."

Broner and his trainer Mike Stafford both were well aware of Garcia controlling the fight. The ending tally shows that Mikey was much more aggressive than Adrien and deserved to win the fight without question.

"Adrien followed Mikey around just a little bit too much," Stafford said.

"Mikey did really well. Adrien should have gone to the body earlier."

Status of Broner as an elite fighter

Broner has now lost to the three highest ranking fighters he has fought to date. The question lingering now is if Adrien is still worthy of being considered one of the best in the sport.

Not too many years ago, Broner was considered to be the next Floyd Mayweather Jr., as he was riding an undefeated record with the personality to back it up.

However, a guy by the name of Marcus Maidana had other plans for Broner's legacy. In that fight, Maidana literally embarrassed Adrien, making it his first and worst loss of his Professional Boxing career. Once he was exposed, Broner would then go on to lose the second fight of his career to former Welterweight champion Shawn Porter.

The two losses have many fans believing Broner may have already reached the highest point of his boxing career. His status was riding so much on him being the sequel of Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, Floyd has still yet to lose and it looks like it will remain that way as he vows his last fight will be against MMA fighter Conor McGregor this coming Aug.


Broner has proven that he will always be able to provide the necessary entertainment for boxing fans. As far as providing elite level boxing, only time will tell if he is still worthy of those credentials. Unfortunately, if Adrien wants to still be considered one of the best, he can't afford to take another hit in the loss column or he will soon be remembered as the guy with all the talk but could not back it up.