Even though it seemed The Undertaker was done with wrestling, WWE rumors have persisted that "The Deadman" could get back in the ring again. He looked to be officially retired as of the "WrestleMania 33" main event and its big finale. However, a new report has popped up indicating it's still a possibility, even if Taker has just had hip surgery. Will "The Phenom" actually walk down to the ring once again and get inside to grapple with a competitor? Here's the latest on these WWE rumors about The Undertaker and what to take from it all.

Did Taker retire in April?

In April, Undertaker battled Roman Reigns in the big main event match at "WrestleMania 33." The two fought inside the ring at Orlando's outdoors arena, with Reigns ultimately getting the upper hand and winning via pinfall. During the match, there were botched spots as Taker was clearly not in the same shape he'd been in years ago.

After he lost and Reigns had left the scene, Taker had a major "WrestleMania" moment. He went to the center of the ring and removed his coat, hat, and gloves to place in a pile. From there, he slowly left the ring and kissed his wife Michelle McCool at ringside. After going onto the ramp to give the fans his one arm raised pose, he lowered into the ramp.

Fans believed that this all signaled it was over for The Undertaker, but he never spoke to the fans. It was believed that he was leaving the character he'd played for years behind. However, a report is saying there's still a distinct possibility of the bells tolling and the arena going dark for an Undertaker return.

Could Taker return to WWE?

As Wrestlingnews.co indicates in their report, The Undertaker has been mentioned several times by the television and pay-per-view commentators. However, they have merely suggested that "maybe" Roman Reigns retired The Undertaker. Since Taker has never confirmed it and WWE is not officially saying it, that certainly can be seen as "leaving the door open" for a return.

It was mentioned that not long after his "WrestleMania" match, Undertaker and his wife were seen in New York as they went to the hospital. That trip was for Taker to get much-needed hip replacement surgery, that he'd been putting off for years. Now he's on the road to recovery from that issue, but one has to wonder if a guy who had his hip worked on at Taker's age will want to risk getting in the ring.

It seems more likely that if and when a return happens, it will be to help promote Undertaker's entry into the WWE Hall of Fame class, or if he is featured on the cover of a WWE "2K" video game in the future. Otherwise, based on Taker's condition and his recent surgery, in-ring wrestling seems far-fetched as much as fans want to see him back.