The next WWE "Raw" exclusive pay-per-view will be the newest creation, WWE's "Great Balls Of Fire" 2017. As of the "Extreme Rules" event, fans knew what at least one of the matches would be. After last night's "Monday Night Raw" episode, another match seems to have been added, and a few more could be speculated based on the show's events. Here's a look at what's to come at the WWE "Great Balls of Fire" pay-per-view in several weeks from now. There may be potential WWE spoilers in this report so readers should avoid looking further if they've yet to have watched "Raw."

Two huge matches

At "Extreme Rules," a Fatal 5-Way match determined Brock Lensar's next challenger.

"The Destroyer" Samoa Joe was able to sneak into the ring late and put a Coquina Clutch on Finn Balor just moments after "The Demon" had put down Roman Reigns for a pin. That made Samoa Joe the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship. So he and Brock Lesnar will go at it in what could be the main event.

Another match was made apparent during last night's episode of "Raw." While there had been previous WWE rumors that Roman Reigns would announce he was taking on The Undertaker, he revealed he wants whoever is the WWE Universal Champion at "Summerslam." Later, as Roman Reigns was facing Samoa Joe in a match, he became distracted when an ambulance's sirens were heard and the vehicle was shown backing into the arena on the big screen.

Braun Strowman emerged from the back of the ambulance and made his way towards the arena. That allowed Joe to snatch away another victory thanks to the distraction. After the match, Braun Strowman came to the ring to slam Reigns to the mat and told him they have "unfinished business." From there, he laid down the challenge for an Ambulance Match at "Great Balls of Fire."

Other possible matches?

The tension between Dean Ambrose and The Miz continued on last night's "Raw," with Maryse once again storming off.

This time, Miz was prepared for Ambrose as he had two people dressed in bears who attacked "The Lunatic Fringe." With Ambrose down, it appears that these two are far from finished and another Intercontinental title match is on the way.

Seth Rollins also had another run-in with Bray Wyatt, but this time was able to jump off the ring and take down Wyatt.

It would seem these two superstars are headed for their first of several meetings one-on-one at the PPV.

A huge brawl took place involving just about all the women's superstars on the roster. Bayley went after Nia Jax, as did Dana Brooke and Mickie James. It also seems like "The Boss" Sasha Banks is aiming for Alexa Bliss's women's championship. Will these two meet over the title at the PPV?

There was also Titus O'Neil bragging about Akira Tozawa becoming next WWE Cruiserweight Champion. That didn't make Neville too happy and a trash-talking war ensued. Could this become a match on the PPV or just on the "205 Live" show?

One of the biggest events of "Monday Night Raw" saw the reveal of who attacked Enzo Amore.

After "Raw" GM Kurt Angle cleared Big Show and The Revival of being involved, Corey Graves volunteered some information he'd learned. Graves had security footage from backstage shown and it revealed that it was Big Cass who attacked his own partner.

Big Cass confessed to it and told his tag partner he'd become sick of putting up with him. A shocked Enzo received a huge big boot from his former partner, planting him on the mat. With the heel turn, it would seem these two will meet in a future match.

WWE fans, what other matches do you believe will be on the "Great Balls of Fire" 2017 card?