The way it started, it appears that this summer will be very interesting for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After failing to win the championship and losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers are already making their moves in order to come back stronger next season. Many believe that with the current roster and firepower that they have, it will not be enough next year in a potential Finals rematch against the Warriors. The Cavaliers are aware of this, and it's already rumored that they're trying to get Paul George from the Pacers.

George will be a free-agent next summer and has already made it clear that he plans to leave the Pacers in 2018. This got the Cavaliers to make their first move, and apparently, a phone call was made in order to make a trade that would send Kevin Love to Indiana, and Paul George to Cleveland.

Griffin no longer the GM for the Cavs

The next move the Cavaliers made was parting ways with their general manager David Griffin and senior vice president of basketball operations Trent Redden. It was announced on Monday that contract extension talks with Griffin have failed, and he will no longer be the GM for the Cavaliers. This came out as a surprise, considering the job Griffin has done over the past few years.

He surrounded LeBron James with great role players, and he helped Cleveland win the NBA title last year.

Obviously, this was not something LeBron James expected, and he took it to Twitter to express his opinion about the situation. James supported Griffin many times before and just a few months ago LeBron said that Griffin is a big piece of the organization and he expects him to stay and to get an extension.

It's going to be interesting to see how this situation evolves as we await to see who will take over the GM position for the Cavaliers.

Cavaliers interested in Jimmy Butler

Apparently, just hours before David Griffin parted ways with the Cavs, he was close to completing a blockbuster deal that would've sent Jimmy Butler from Chicago to Cleveland.

ESPN reports that the Cavaliers are still looking to get this deal done, and reportedly they need a third team involved that would be ready to give the Bulls young talent and draft picks. Getting Jimmy Butler is something every team in the NBA would love to do, but at what cost? Cavaliers would have to at least giveaway Kevin Love and other key bench players, like Channing Frye or Iman Shumpert.

Chauncey Billups headed to Cleveland?

ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that Chauncey Billups, former NBA player and a champion with the Detroit Pistons, is the front-runner for one of the top positions in the Cavaliers front office. According to Windhorst, Billups is going to meet the owner of the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, on Tuesday as he (Billups) looks to become the president of basketball operations for the Cavs.