A new mystery has started to unfold on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" involving General Manager Kurt Angle. During one part of the show, commentator Corey Graves received some information which he later revealed to the "Raw" GM. Whatever the info was that Graves showed to Angle has the GM concerned over his position as being in charge of "Raw."

Here's some of the latest rumors and WWE spoilers going around about what may be going on with this latest mystery on the Monday night program.

What happened?

During one part of "Raw," Booker T and Michael Cole were talking about the latest matches and the upcoming pay-per-view.

When Cole tried to hand the topic over to Corey Graves, he was intently reading something on his smartphone. Graves completely ignored whatever Cole said to him, and then eventually stood up. After removing his headset, Graves headed backstage, leaving Booker and Cole confused over what just happened.

After a commercial break, Graves was shown backstage with General Manager Kurt Angle. The "Raw" GM had Graves' phone in hand and looked concerned as he read over whatever was on the screen. Angle said it could ruin him. He asked Graves how he found this out, and Graves said he doesn't know, it just seems "people tell him stuff." Angle thanked Graves who also said if he could be of any further assistance, he would.

Who's involved?

At this point, many WWE fans and wrestling rumor sites have begun speculating that it's none other than Stephanie McMahon, and possibly her husband Triple H, who are involved. Stephanie has not appeared on WWE "Raw" since she was bumped off the apron at "WrestleMania 33" by Seth Rollins and crashed through a table.

That spot happened just before Rollins was able to defeat Triple H in their grudge match. "The Game" has not appeared on "Raw" since then either.

There are some other possible names being mentioned that could be involved. Another is that it may be William Regal who is involved since Angle used the word "besmirched" when he was talking about whatever was on Graves' phone.

Another rumor suggests that it's actually Graves who is doing something in an attempt to gain Angle's position as the "Raw" General Manager.

Another possible suspect mentioned is Adam Cole. He's not yet part of the WWE but it's been rumored that this coveted wrestling free agent could wind up there. Cole, real name Austin Jenkins, has worked with Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and most recently, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

When it comes down to it, this is just the sort of mystery plot that WWE "Raw" has been missing, but desperately needs in order to keep fans watching. Who do you think was behind the latest troubling information that Kurt Angle saw?