It was one year ago that Washington Wizards' superstar John Wall was doing everything he could to convince Kevin Durant to come back home. Durant, a native of Washington, DC, was considering his options while with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Wall felt that Durant could help turn the Wizards into a champion. Durant chose to take the easy way out instead and joined a team that was already championship-caliber and Wall was left empty-handed.

Trading for Paul George

Now, one year later, John Wall is doing his best again to try to sell the Washington Wizards to a player who could become a difference maker.

This time the player is Paul George, the Indiana Pacers star who just informed his team that he won't return after the upcoming season and plans to leave to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers at that point.

Paul George was more honest than Kevin Durant, who pretended to be loyal to the Oklahoma City Thunder until it was too late to get anything of value for him. This means that the Pacers still have the hope of getting something in return for George if they can find a trade partner. The problem is that teams have to convince George to stay with them or just give up resources for a one-year rental.

The San Antonio Spurs could offer Paul George that kind of opportunity. The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly interested as well and could also offer Paul George championship opportunities that might not come with the Lakers.

The Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics are also on the verge of title contention.

George to the Wizards?

The problem is that the Washington Wizards might need more than just another superstar to make it to the top of the NBA. In 2016-17, Washington did have a great season, finishing with a 49-33 record, only four games out of first place in the Eastern Conference.

Washington then beat Atlanta in six games to advance in the playoffs before falling to the Celtics.

John Wall is friends with Paul George and he said on "The Undefeated" that he wants to get a trade in motion to see if they can bring Paul to Washington. George could join Wall and Bradley Beal and that could be enough, in John's eyes, to help the Wizards compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers as the top team in the East.

John Wall honestly believes that the Washington Wizards are just "one piece" away from a championship. Wall said that they have a great point guard, shooting guard, center, and power forward. All they need is a guy who can guard LeBron James - and that guy could be Paul George.