During Monday's episode of WWE "Raw," a special women's Gauntlet match was held to determine a new No. 1 contender for the Women's Championship. Six of the women's division superstars would compete in a gauntlet series of single elimination matches. The winner would get a title opportunity at "Great Balls Of Fire" where they would face "The Goddess" of WWE "Raw," current women's champion Alexa Bliss. Here's a look at how the tournament unfolded and what's to come at the pay-per-view.

Match results

The competition started off with fan favorite superstar Bayley.

Unfortunately, she had some bad luck, as the No. 2 draw in the entries was Nia Jax. While Bayley put up a solid fight in the first of the matches, she was eventually steamrolled by Jax and pinned for the first elimination.

Mickie James was out next and also gave a decent bit of fight, but once again, the monstrous Nia Jax was too much. She would put the six-time women's champion down for another pinfall, to continue on in the Gauntlet. From there, she would make quick work of two more opponents as Dana Brooke and Emma each fell victim to the destructive force known as Nia Jax.

The final entry in the Gauntlet Match was "The Boss" Sasha Banks.

She's had quite a history with Nia over the past year or so, with each winning matches against the other. For a while, Nia had Sasha's number, and she seemed to in tonight's match as she picked apart "The Boss." Sasha seemed to be favoring her leg or ankle at several spots in the match. She was nearly counted out two or three times.

However, Sasha Banks wouldn't quit and kept going at Jax despite all the slams, knock downs, and huge hits she took. Towards the frantic finale, Nia tried for a standing suplex, but Banks was able to flip over Jax's back. From there, she was able to hit several moves and ultimately jumped on Nia to put on the Bank Statement with Jax on her feet.

Eventually, after Sasha kept the hold locked in, Nia would drop to a knee and seemed to be fading. After a brief struggle, Nia eventually tapped out and stumbled forward.

Banks vs. Bliss

With that, Sasha Banks won an entertaining women's main event match over Nia Jax. "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle arrived down to the ring to raise up Sasha's arm in victory several times. Her win puts her into the "Raw" Women's Championship match at "Great Balls of Fire" against Alexa Bliss.

The current champion's music hit and Alexa arrived out with her "Raw" women's title belt.

She would get in the ring to stand face-to-face with her new challenger. After Bliss raised the belt and shot a look at Sasha, Banks responded with a huge dropkick to knock Bliss to the mat. She picked up the women's title belt and kicked Bliss out of the ring before holding it overhead.

Eventually, Bliss regained composure and was given her championship belt back. The two women's superstars will meet in several weeks at the "Raw" exclusive "Great Balls of Fire" 2017 pay-per-view, but who will leave as champion?