John Cena has been out of the WWE since "Wrestlemania 33," making movies and working on his reality competition television show. However, even when talking to movie websites about his films, Cena answers many questions about the WWE and professional wrestling. The Wrap asked Cena about the accusations that he buries young talent and has stumped the growth of the WWE.

The WWE burying of talent

The idea that John Cena buries younger talent in the WWE is not new. Wrestlers like Rusev and Bray Wyatt were extremely hot when they headed into a feud with Cena.

However, during the feuds, Cena would use his impressive promo skills to completely bury the wrestlers and make them look very bad. He would almost always win more matches than he lost against the younger wrestlers and they would never recover.

Of course, it is important to understand that the WWE chooses who wins and loses the matches so John Cena can't be blamed for that. However, Cena has a lot more freedom when it comes to his promos and he has been ruthless at times when it comes to insulting and slamming the younger talent needing help to elevate themselves in the WWE.

However, it is also important to understand that there are wrestlers who are able to dish it right back at John Cena. If younger wrestlers want to understand how to fire back at Cena, look at The Miz, who was able to hold his own in his recent feud with Cena and had a lot of people cheering him at "WrestleMania 33," even in his loss.

Two more examples are Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Both men saw John Cena dismiss their accomplishments prior to entering the WWE. Both men were able to take the insults and deliver their own jabs back and then turn in great matches, even in a loss. Both of these men left feuds with John Cena looking strong.

What John Cena thinks

John Cena said that he never pulls any punches when cutting promos and expects the same back from the wrestlers he feuds with. Of course, younger WWE stars don't have that experience and that is where the burying takes place. Cena said that he believes that wrestlers should bring their best to every story and every match.

He said that a lot of wrestlers that he has been accused of burying in the WWE brought it when they fought him but then were not as motivated once he won the feud. John Cena said that he wants wrestlers to earn their spots in the WWE. if a wrestler leaves a feud against Cena and is not motivated to get better, Cena said he just moves on to the next feud and hopes for a bigger challenge next time.