For almost 15 years, John Cena was the face of the WWE. While plenty of loud, male WWE fans boo him every time he appears, Cena has remained the top money maker in the entire company in merchandise sales and pops both attendance numbers and television ratings everytime he shows up on WWE television. The good news for the WWE is that John will be back very soon as he sent out a tweet that let fans know he is coming back very soon.

In the tweet, John Cena said that he is regrouping and recharging and after he finishes a "wonderfully funny project" that he is working on in Atlanta, he will make a "long overdue" return to the WWE.

The John Cena WWE return

At the moment, the John Cena WWE return is set for July 4 on SmackDown Live. There is a chance he could return at a live house show or two before that but that is his scheduled and promoted return date. The timing of that return is interesting. The Money in the Bank pay-per-view event takes place on June 18, so Cena would return over two weeks later and two weeks before the Battleground pay-per-view.

However, the date of the return might be what is important. The WWE loves patriotic holidays and having John Cena return on July 4 could set up his major confrontation with WWE world champion Jinder Mahal.

The story writes itself. Jinder Mahal is expected to defeat Randy Orton at Money in the Bank and one can only imagine what will happen with SmackDown Live taking place on the Fourth of July.

Jinder could come out and start bashing America and then, in a perfect return, John Cena would come out and start a feud with Mahal for the world title, with a match at SummerSlam in August.

John Cena's outside ventures

It is expected that the WWE will do everything they can to pump up all John Cena appearances when he gets a break from Hollywood.

The WWE ratings have crashed this year and the company is doing what they can to bring them up before summer. There is almost a guarantee that John will win another world title to officially break Ric Flair's record of 16, of which they are currently tied.

However, the chances for this are rare for the WWE. While they have no problem with a part-time champ like Brock Lesnar never showing up on television for months, Cena doesn't seem to be someone who would go for that.

Cena was filming the movie "The Pact" and has a lot of projects lining up in Hollywood, something John said is great for him and the WWE when it comes to publicity.

For fans, they will get a chance to see John Cena in the WWE ring again come July. They should just enjoy it because these moments are growing short.