On Sunday, the WWE "Raw" superstars invade Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland for "Extreme Rules 2017." Among the big matches on the card will be current WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss defending her title against former champion Bayley. These two won't be competing in any old match, though, as this will be a Kendo Stick on a Pole match.

It's a throwback of sorts to the matches that were featured on WWE "Raw" with various objects on a pole that the competitors would try to grab. Here's a preview of Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss for the title in this interesting matchup.

Alex Bliss strikes on "Raw"

After Alexa Bliss attacked Bayley on "Raw" in the ring weeks ago, she went for further punishment when she went to the outside and retrieved a Kendo stick from underneath the ring. Bliss got a solid shot in on Bayley's back to leave her latest rival hurting backstage. "Raw" general manager Kurt Angle said he was concerned for Bayley's safety and said she'd get a singles match for the championship at "Extreme Rules." Bayley wasn't having that and asked for something more "extreme," which got Angle to book this match.

It won't be the first time fans have seen members of the "Raw" women's roster using this object. The kendo stick came into play during a previous Sasha Banks vs.

Charlotte match on "Raw." Bliss has yet to compete in such a match but has been able to win a steel cage match against Becky Lynch on "SmackDown Live," back when Bliss held the "SmackDown" women's title. Of course, she had help from Mickie James to gain that victory.

Speaking of Mickie, Alexa attacked her former mystery helper on "Raw" using the kendo stick.

Bayley rushed down to make a save, and ended up tripping Bliss to grab the stick away. However, the "Raw" women's champion backed up the ramp, wisely avoiding any harm.

Just this past Monday, Bliss was back at it, when she did a segment in the ring to try to humiliate Bayley. The challenger rushed down to tackle Bliss in the ring and the two brawled, but once again, Bliss was ready with a kendo stick hidden under a display table in the ring.

Now Bayley will try to extract revenge and win back the title on Sunday night.

Match prediction

This could be anyone's guess. However, WWE loves a great heel performer and Alexa Bliss has been just that. She's generally been brilliant on the mic, despite a few hiccups in terms of her in-ring work, she's made a great heel champion. Having Bayley chase Alexa for the championship provides a somewhat compelling story, as Sasha Banks, Emma, Dana Brooke, and Alicia Fox are all involved in other situations. However, Nia Jax informed Alexa that she'd like a title shot, which could make her Alexa Bliss's next opponent.

In terms of the betting odds, as of this report, the Paddy Power Irish sports book listed Alexa Bliss as an 8 to 15 favorite to win the match.

Bayley is currently an 11 to 8 underdog in this latest match. Fans will probably see Bayley get some revenge on Bliss, but not get the win, and there could be something underhanded involved such as interference from Nia Jax.

WWE fans, who do you predict will win this Sunday's "Extreme Rules" match featuring Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss for the women's title?