This coming Sunday, the WWE "Extreme Rules" 2017 pay-per-view will feature a variety of special stipulation matchups. Multiple championships are on the line, including the WWE "Raw" women's title, the Intercontinental title, tag team titles, and the Cruiserweight Championship. Austin Aries has been battling Neville to try to win the title belt from him ever since "WrestleMania 33," and he'll get a third shot to do so on Sunday night. Can Aries win in a Submission match after he recently got the upper hand on Neville on this past Monday's "RAW"?

Here is the latest match preview and predictions for Austin Aries vs. Neville.

Match setup

As mentioned, these two WWE Cruiserweight competitors have battled back and forth ever since "WrestleMania 33." At that event, the two competed in the open air arena in Orlando, Florida, with the sun shining brightly upon them. The two put on one of the better matches of the evening, and Neville managed to get the clean victory over his challengers. His win at the last WWE pay-per-view was anything but clean, though.

At WWE "Payback," Neville was actually locked into Austin Aries' submission hold. However, the crafty heel champion was able to grab the referee and pull him down towards the mat. That resulted in him causing a disqualification and still leaving as Cruiserweight Champion.

On Sunday night, the two will battle in a Submission match, and after this past week's "RAW," Aries looks to have momentum.

The challenger was able to force the champ to tap out to the Last Chancery submission in a tag team match. The bout involved Jack Gallagher teaming with Aries against Neville and TJP. With the submission win, it has given Austin Aries confidence, and his fans some hope that he'll do the same to Neville on Sunday.

Match prediction

As of Sunday, Neville will have held the Cruiserweight Championship belt for over 125 days, making him the longest-reigning champion with this edition of the title. It would not be all that surprising if Aries finally captures the championship belt for his first-ever reign. However, the finish that took place on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" may have given fans a bit of false confidence that it will happen again on Sunday.

Expect the Rings of Saturn to win this match for the champ.

The current betting odds for this match at Paddy Power Sportsbook have Neville as a strong 1 to 14 favorite to retain his title, and Aries as an underdog at 11 to 2 odds. That could very well mean that the "King of the Cruiserweights" continues his arrogant reign as the best in the division holding the championship belt. As fans may know, having a strong heel in place is essential for most of the shows and Neville has been providing that for sure.

Wrestling fans, will Austin Aries finally capture the Cruiserweight title at Sunday's "Extreme Rules" PPV, or will Neville continue his reign?