On the latest episode of WWE's "Monday Night Raw," a huge matchup was announced for the upcoming "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view next month. There will be a Fatal Fiveway match with extreme rules to determine a No. 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal Championship. The five participants in the match have plenty of history amongst themselves and are all former champions of various levels.

Here's the latest on the "Raw" superstars who will compete in this big "Extreme Rules" 2017 match.

Fatal Fiveway participants

At the start of the latest episode of "Monday Night Raw," the General Manager Kurt Angle made his way to the ring to inform fans that big man Braun Strowman had surgery and is out of action for up to six months.

Angle said Strowman was making a strong push towards Brock Lesnar's Universal title, but now he is out of the picture for a little while.

Due to the recent news, Angle said they would determine a new No. 1 contender at the "Extreme Rules" PPV in a Fatal Fiveway match. Competing in this bout will be former Universal Champion Finn Balor, former WWE World Champions Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Bray Wyatt, as well as former NXT Champion Samoa Joe. These later four competitors recently faced off in a tag team match on the WWE's overseas tour.

These five competitors know one another quite well as they've all had run-ins at various stages of their careers already. Finn, Rollins, and Reigns were all part of the original tournament to determine the inaugural Universal Champion, which ultimately came down to Balor defeating Rollins for the title.

However, Balor was hurt during the match at "SummerSlam" and had to give up the title a night later.

After that, the belt was held by Kevin Owens, followed by Goldberg, and after "WrestleMania 33" last month, it now belongs to Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have fought before, although Rollins and Wyatt haven't really crossed paths too much.

Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins have recently been feuding, while Bray Wyatt has recently set his sights on attacking Finn Balor. That leaves Roman Reigns as the "odd man out" so to speak, as he was in a recent feud with now-injured Braun Strowman. Still one has to think this makes Reigns the early favorite to win the match. However, the stipulation is that the match will be fought under extreme rules, meaning pretty much anything goes in this one.

When is 'Extreme Rules' 2017?

The WWE "Extreme Rules" 2017 pay-per-view is scheduled for Sunday, June 4th at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Other matches on the card so far will include an Intercontinental match between Dean Ambrose and The Miz, as well as Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss in a Kendo Stick on a pole match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship.

Also, Austin Aries gets another crack at Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight title and Sheamus and Cesaro get to try to defeat The Hardy Boyz for the WWE Raw Tag team titles.