Kyle Lowry has been a huge reason the Toronto Raptors have been one of the most competitive teams in the Eastern Conference over the last several seasons. Playing alongside all-star Demar Derozan, Lowry has been a part of one of the best backcourts the league has to offer. Lowry has made the all-star game himself the last three seasons and has played the best basketball of his career while being a member of the Raptors.

However, Lowry has been criticized for his play during the playoffs. His numbers seem to decline in the post-season which has resulted in the Raptors being ousted in last three seasons.

Two of those seasons they were eliminated by Lebron Jame's Cleveland Cavaliers and one from the Washington Wizards. They were also swept in two of the three eliminations.

Why stay in Toronto

Toronto has become a place of interest due to the winning culture that they have established since Lowry became a member back in 2012. During the 2014-15 season, he became the third Raptor ever to make the all-star game at the time. His backcourt teammate DeMar DeRozan has joined him since. Both along with Vince Carter and Chris Bosh as the only members to do so.

Just two seasons ago Toronto was in the Eastern Conference Finals taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to six games only to come up short. Now the future of the guy that led the revival of the franchise is unclear.

Despite being able to enjoy the luxury of being a part of a winning team since he has joined the Raptors, Lowry still has the right to test the waters and see what else is possibly out there for him. Both from a competitive and a financial standpoint. Whether or not it's the best decision, only time will tell.

Lowry has continued to put up solid numbers and he practically owes the Toronto organization for taking a chance on him when they did.

Before he came to the team, he was more of a backup point guard. The Raptors organization gave him a chance to be a star player and pay him at a star level.

What can they add to keep Lowry

Toronto isn't far off from being a serious contender. They have two all-stars in DeRozan and Lowry that they can add some solid pieces around to take them to the next level.

Jonas Valanciunas has shown he can put up good numbers on the inside. Serge Ibaka is a veteran forward that has plenty of playoff experience. So the team isn't too far off from being where they need to be. Lowry does deserve to get paid, but in order to keep him convinced of a promising future, they have to add another veteran that can compliment their core players.