Terrelle Pryor was the big offseason signing for the Washington Redskins during the free agency period. They did not sign him to a very long contract, but they expect him to be one of their best players next season; they also likely expect him to help them come to a firm decision on the future of quarterback Kirk Cousins. To get ready for his big "prove it" year, Pryor has been working out often this offseason, posting videos on his Twitter account for fans to see.

Pryor putting in the work

Throughout the preseason, Pryor has been finding different ways to get in conditioning and skills work.

Sometimes, he has been running drills on the field by himself. Other times, he has forced himself to go one-on-one with a defensive back, mimicking an in-game situation. In his most recent video, the Redskins receiver is going through footwork drills, concluding with him quickly catching a football shooting his way.

Pryor does not always work out alone, though. He often works out with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, one of the best in the NFL. He also plans on working out with Randy Moss later in the offseason, one of the best in the history of the NFL. According to an ESPN story, Pryor wears special sunglasses at the behest of Brown when he works out to add to the challenge of making a catch under duress.

The Redskins certainly hope that all of this work pays off this season.

One-year trial with the Redskins

Pryor converted to wide receiver at the very end of the 2015 season before giving it a full season with the Cleveland Browns in 2016. He ended up being pretty good at it, recording 77 receptions for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns.

This despite the fact that the Browns had no quarterback to get him the ball. He's still largely unproven at the position, though, so he signed a one-year, $8 million deal with Washington this offseason.

Pryor will still enter the season as the team's best receiver after the departure of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon during free agency.

It will be tough for the Redskins to compete in a loaded NFC East, but the playoffs are still the goal for the team. The more long-term goal is to figure out whether Cousins is worth handing a long-term contract to after a second season playing under the franchise tag. If he can form a good rapport with his new top target, it may prove to the Washington brass that he can be their franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future.